David Foster Wallace

The Story Behind ‘This Is Water,’ the Inspiring Video People Can’t Stop Watching

It’s been viewed a million times since last night alone and has single-handedly resurrected the voice of troubled literary genius David Foster Wallace, bringing his words to a global audience that might not even recognize his name. And it was all done without permission. “This Is Water,” a cinematic interpretation of Wallace’s bleak-yet-inspiring 2005 commencement address at Kenyon College, has quickly become one of the week’s most passed-around videos. It was created by The Glossary, a small video production shop in Los Angeles. We wanted to know the story behind the video, and the team that created it was kind enough to answer a few questions. Check out the video below and our Q&A with the creators after the jump.UPDATE: The Glossary has taken down the video at the request of the David Foster Wallace Literary Trust. At the request of the David Foster Literary Trust, we have removed “This is Water” from our channels. — The Glossary (@SeeTheGlossary) May 22, 2013brightcove.createExperiences();