6 Keys to Conquering SXSW

Austin’s SXSW is never about just one thing, it’s about one more thing. Brands look to outdo each other, startups look to outshine each other and parties look to be more epic than the last. Starting today with the interactive portion of the festival, Austin is a case study in the social media phenomenon of “fear of missing out,” or FOMO.

BBH Interns Have Cronuts to Share, but Only If You Donate to NYC’s Food Bank

Hey, you, person who will spend $20 per pastry to a pastry scalper to get your hands on the newest hottest pastry invention. Or you, person who cries because you couldn't get your hands on one, because other people ate them all, even though you were really looking forward to it. Do humanity a favor and spend your extra money and emotional energy on feeding the hungry.