Cumberland Farms Clerk Critically Injured Trying to Protect Cardboard Cutout of the Hoff

Stealing cardboard cutouts of the David Hasselhoff from Cumberland Farms is all fun and games until someone gets seriously hurt.

Real Criminals Star in Excellent Commercial for Van Nuys Bail Bondsman

Better call Saul? Actually, try Harry Kassabian first. The proprietor of People's Bail Bonds in Van Nuys, Calif., co-stars with some real-life criminals in this great commercial produced by local-ad heroes Rhett & Link. The cue-ball-headed Kassabian makes liberal use of air quotes in describing his clients' supposed innocence—but really, it's all the same to him. "The customer is always right, even if the customer is you and you've done something illegal," he says in one of the ad's better lines. Kassabian's personal tagline? He's "the guy that gets you out." "We decided there was a group out there that really needed their own commercial: criminals," Rhett & Link tell AdFreak. True enough. Rhett & Link also made their traditional cameo—look for them in the final seconds of the spot. Credits below.

NYPD Now Scanning Facebook, Instagram Photos to Identify Criminals

If you're thinking of committing a felony in New York City anytime soon, keep an eye on how many photos of you are floating around on Facebook and Instagram.

Clothing Store Uses Actual Burglary Footage in Ad, Making Fashions Look Most Wanted

Someone call the fashion police! Brazilian menswear brand Reserva used actual security-camera footage of a real robbery at one of its São Paulo stores in the ad below, for a subsequent clearance sale.

Outdoor Ad Industry Accused of Poisoning Trees to Make Way for Billboards

Breaking the law is unsustainable as a long-term marketing strategy. To wit: the improper or illegal defoliation of stretches of highway designed to give billboards maximum visibility.

’30 Minutes or Less’ Sees Humor in Gruesome Bomb Death

In August 2003, a group of Pennsylvania bank robbers strapped a bomb to the chest of pizza delivery man Brian Wells, who then walked into a bank and handed the teller a note demanding $250,000.

Muslim Teens Spray-Paint Burkas on Half-Naked Ad Models

First, the cops busted NYC's Moustache Man for drawing facial hair on subway ads.

Sneaky App’s Photos Lead to Arrest of Alleged MacBook Thief

Yesterday was a bad day to be a laptop thief in Oakland, but a great day for the makers of Hidden, an app that helps you find your stolen MacBook. Hidden, a service that starts at $15 a year, leaves no visible sign that it's been installed on your computer, but offers a trove of information about who nabbed your machine.

Philly adman offers drugs to get laptop back

Kurt Shore, president of D4 Creative Group in Philadelphia, put his skills to good use after his laptop was stolen recently. He whipped up posters offering a “fabulous drug stash” […]

It’s never good when a Craigslist ad is news

Remember when a funny prank to play on someone was sending pizza to their address? Yeah, now it's telling the world there's an orgy going on there, when there isn't. […]