Clothing Store Uses Actual Burglary Footage in Ad, Making Fashions Look Most Wanted

Reserva makes most of theft

Someone call the fashion police! Brazilian menswear brand Reserva used actual security-camera footage of a real robbery at one of its São Paulo stores in the ad below, for a subsequent clearance sale. The spot superimposes text such as "There's no need to break the store window" and "Hurry up! Because there are people doing crazy things for Reserva" over scenes of a gang smashing into the place, knocking over a dummy and grabbing jeans, shorts, shirts, etc. Reserva says the store's staff cleaned up, opened later that day and "hit the sales goal at 4 p.m.," inspiring management to "do instead of complain" and produce the ad. I can't describe the results as arresting, because no one's in custody for the burglary. (Ha ha!) Bottom line: The gang stole the clothes, but that stoic dummy—toppled by the bad guys amid flying glass, heartlessly shoved out of the way, and left splayed across the floor in its groovy summer threads—steals the show.