Pilates Trainer Explains Why She Photoshopped Her ‘Perfect Body’ in Viral Video

Online commenters can be unusually cruel, especially since they can remain anonymous, hiding behind their computer screens. No one knows that better than Pilates trainer Cassey Ho, who is behind the online fitness video series Blogilates.

Collective Digital Studio Lets Talent Do The Talking

When brands buy native content, they want to know the mindset of the influencers. So, to convince advertisers to devote part of their budgets to Collective Digital Studio, the multi-channel network invited some of its top influencers -- its creators -- to share the stage at its first Digital Content NewFront presentation in New York.

Collective Digital Studio Moving Toward TV-Style Content With Maximum Ride Adaptation


Purina Turns to Collective Digital Studios to Bolster Pet Videos

Collective Digital Studio will work with Purina to create content for its YouTube channel Petcentric beginning in July, according to sou