Carol Bartz

Forbes Names Most Powerful Women in Media

Forbes has released its World’s 100 Most Powerful Women ranking, and once again, it includes a host of bigwigs in media—14 in all—spanning the TV, digital and print spheres.

Ross Levinsohn May Be Just the CEO Madison Ave.’s Been Waiting For

Score one for Team Media at Yahoo, which finally seems to have won the ad world's blessing with the interim appointment of Ross Levinsohn as CEO.

Carol Bartz Wants to Stay on Yahoo’s ‘Doofus’-Filled Board

Ousted Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz may not have the company's top spot any longer, but that’s not stopping her from hanging on to her seat on the board.

Yahoo Alumni on What Went Wrong

For board members at the top of the company, the problem with Yahoo may have been outgoing CEO Carol Bartz, but people with experience on the ground say the situation is much more complicated.

Bartz May Collect Over $10M in Severance

It hasn’t been an easy few days for former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who was fired by the Web company’s chairman of the board earlier this week.

Who’s Who on Yahoo’s Board?

Wall Street may have given Carol Bartz’s ouster a thumbs up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean investors are completely confident in the Yahoo leadership that’s been left behind.

Yahoo Fires CEO Carol Bartz

Carol Bartz has been fired from her job as CEO of troubled tech company Yahoo, All Things D reports. CFO Tim Morse will be taking over for Bartz, at least on an interim basis.

Yahoo’s Gloomy Outlook

Things haven’t been looking good for Yahoo as of late.