Purina Down to Finalists in Beneful Search

Nestlé is down to two agency finalists to handle creative responsibilities for its Purina Beneful dog food, sources said. The brand has been at Fallon, which did not defend.Spending for Beneful through the third quarter of 2013 was $40.7 million, according to Kantar Media.  

Purina’s Beneful Goes for Maximum Viral Appeal With Dog-Operated Rube Goldberg Device

Wook at the poochies! Wook at the widdle poochie-woochies! What else do I really need to say about Deep Focus's "Dog Goldberg Machine" commercial for Purina's Beneful dog-food brand? It's doggone adorable the way those mutts manipulate toys, food tins and tennis balls to operate a Rube Goldberg device that ultimately spells out the tagline, "Play. It's good for you," in dominoes. My jaw drops in a massive "Awww!" when I watch the ad, which has garnered nearly 1.5 million YouTube views in less than a week. You could never get cats to do this stuff. They'd claw the director's eyes and chew through the camera cords. But check out the choreographed canines. Oooh, does pooch-ums wike his Fwisbee? This is way cuter than the Honda "Cog" spot, which started the whole Goldberg trend in advertising. In fact, there wasn't a single dog in that commercial, though "Cog" spelled backward is … "Goc." So cuuute, I'm woozing my mind! Awww! Credits below.