Banana Boat

Banana Boat Wants to Help Men Spend More Manly Time in the Sun

Banana Boat for Men is putting sunscreen in terms guys can understand, with words like "bacon" and "nap."You, lazy pig that you are, will turn into crispy pork parts if you fall asleep in the sun—but only if you don't use the brand's product, says one spot in a new series of four.Each spot from JWT in New York is tightly written and neatly shot. One, for example, packs in a charming little cut of a tortoise, while urging you to be bold. Small freedoms are the common thread. Banana Boat's "Triple Defense" offering will also protect your bald spot while you're golfing hatless, and your beer gut while you're riding your lawn mower shirtless, and your hairy elbow while you're hanging it out the window driving through the desert, because you want to do all those things.That is to say, it claims it will keep you safe from sunburn, at least, and from smelling bad, and from dry skin. Unlike some other sunscreens, however, it will not put your kids on an electronic leash, or teach your tattoo artist to check you for signs of skin cancer.