My Local Animal Shelter’s Adorable, Low-Budget ‘Kitty Kommercial’ Rockets to Stardom

My local no-kill shelter's low-budget cat ad just went viral. Furkids is an Atlanta shelter that's a short distance from my house. I've donated, am on their email list, and have frequented their thrift shop. So it was a surprise to wake up one morning and find that Reddit had rocketed this little shelter to stardom overnight.

This Agency Made an App That Lets Your Cat Take Its Own Selfies

All in all, cats are pretty clueless. Show them some pixelated fish, mice and treats, and they'll jab their fangs right against the digital screen and try to take a bite. Then … bam! Your tablet takes their picture, creating "cat selfies" you can treasure and share, you kooky cat people! It's all made possible through the miracle of Candid Catmera, an app that combines looping animations with feline facial recognition technology to lure and photograph the furry little devils. To be clear: The app only recognizes cats, so Rover's routta ruck.

Heathrow Airport’s Christmas Ad With Two Old Teddy Bears Makes Britain Feel Happy Again

Traveling is probably the least pleasant thing about the holidays, but apparently it's bearable (sorry) if you're a couple of elderly teddies on your way to a loving reunion. London's Heathrow Airport has released its first-ever Christmas commercial, a cute 70-second spot that's starting to trend on Facebook with more than 3 million views and growing. And no wonder—it's an adorable little story that shows the bears landing, going through immigration, getting their baggage and more.

Pedigree Shows You How to Survive a Clinton or Trump Rally Even If You Support the Opponent

The U.S. may be embroiled in one of the—if not the—most miserably vitriolic presidential battles in its history. But Pedigree wants to remind Americans that we can all agree on one thing. Golden retrievers are pretty great. The fluffy, affable, goofy standard-bearer of the dog world stars in a new three-minute ad from BBDO New York. In it, a woman dressed in a Hillary Clinton campaign T-shirt shows up at a Donald Trump rally, and then vice versa. Both times, she's toting a pooch she claims she found wandering nearby, using it to make friends of should-be enemies while she pretends to search for its owner.

You Can Help Tomcat Kill Some Rodents on a Special Halloween Facebook Live Today

Ready to do a little indiscriminate rodent killing on Facebook Live today? Then Tomcat pest control has a campaign for you. 

Ad of the Day: This Superb Stop-Motion Film Pleads Heartbreakingly for Wildlife Conservation

There are things we just don't see—remote places under the sea, in the savannah or covered in snow, whose joys, dramas and tragedies we aren't privy to. And yet we affect them. 

Pedigree Salutes Guide Dogs With a Scary and Emotional Ad About Blindness

Pedigree's latest "Feed the Good" video is timed to Blindness Awareness Month, which it's observing with "Dark to Light," a long-form ad about single mom Liz Oleksa's struggle with sight deterioration.

John Cena Is Not an Elephant, but Now He’s Playing One on TV for Wonderful Pistachios

Hey, that elephant sounds awfully familiar! WWE superstar and commercial pitchman extraordinaire John Cena, named to Adweek's Creative 100 this year, voices Ernie, an animated mascot debuting today in a new campaign for Wonderful Pistachios.

This Japanese Ad With an 18-Year-Old Grandpa Has a Clever and Quite Beautiful Twist

This story about a young woman and an old man probably won't end the way you think. The duo sit and have a conversation about the elder's health. His spirits are good, despite a few natural aches and pains. Then things take a turn for the weird, as the woman recalls their history together, dating back to 18 years prior. As the dialogue continues down that dark path, the man recalls getting into regular fights, and she forgives him for causing trouble.

Tommy John Put Live Ferrets Inside Men’s Shirts for This Shockingly Squirmy Ad

Ad agency Preacher shoved live ferrets down actors' shirts for the latest Tommy John commercial. It did so to illustrate the indignities men often suffer owing to ill-fitting undershirts, and position the client's products as the solution.