Pedigree Salutes Guide Dogs With a Scary and Emotional Ad About Blindness

One woman's journey from 'Dark to Light'

Pedigree's latest "Feed the Good" video is timed to Blindness Awareness Month, which it's observing with "Dark to Light," a long-form ad about single mom Liz Oleksa's struggle with sight deterioration.

The video, made by BBDO, packs a lot of tension and suspense into three minutes. Oleksa's initial fear and panic after going suddenly blind feel very immediate thanks to the emphasis of sound over visuals, and we don't see whole scenes until her guide dog, Bryce, arrives.

More attention is paid to the emotional support Bryce offers than anything else—an often-overlooked benefit of guide animals. And its effect on Oleksa gives this video a lot of heart. Rather than just make a feel-good piece, BBDO and Pedigree unspool Oleksa's narrative arc rather gracefully, even as the video makes it clear that she's still learning how to live independently.

As an additional show of goodwill, this spot is also available in descriptive video services (DVS) format, so that the visually impaired can experience it as well.