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This Real-Time Game from Adventure Time’s Creator Is the Best Thing on Twitter in Years

Just as the doubters were writing Twitter's obituary, animator and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward had to go and show that the network can still have a few fun surprises after all. On Tuesday, Ward tweeted a rough sketch of a prison cell, with this comment: "You wake up in a dungeon cell. What do you do?" Fans who played along were rewarded with fun and laughably literal results to their suggested actions, such as "talk to the guard" or "kiss rat." Ward found time to keep the game going today, changing the name on his account to Quest Attack. For children of the '80s, it's a fun flashback to early adventure games like Zork and its graphical successors like King's Quest, all of which required you to carefully type out each command. Check out the first two days of Quest Attack below, then be sure to follow Ward on Twitter to stay up to date.  You wake up in a dungeon cell. What do you do?: — Quest Attack (@buenothebear) May 20, 2014 You "Check toilet.", @DeliciousRick: — Quest Attack (@buenothebear) May 20, 2014 You "poot loudly", @BuckFever_: — Quest Attack (@buenothebear) May 20, 2014 You "talk to the guard", @Elwoodbearsall: — Quest Attack (@buenothebear) May 20, 2014 You "Kiss Rat", @estebanthinks: — Quest Attack (@buenothebear) May 20, 2014 Hold on I gotta run some errands: — Quest Attack (@buenothebear) May 20, 2014 You "alright. *presses unpause*", @Tleprie: — Quest Attack (@buenothebear) May 20, 2014 You ">Grab key", @Grayspence: — Quest Attack (@buenothebear) May 20, 2014

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6 Surreal Toons That Made Kids’ Animation What It Is Today [Video]

If the phenomenally successful kids show Adventure Time appears to have stretched the envelope of animated reality in ways never before seen, then you have simply not been paying attention. The most inspired surrealists of the last century apparently preferred children's animation as their canvas of chioice. Here are six of the finest. 

YouTube Network Frederator Turns to Kickstarter

The YouTube audience has proven potent when it comes to getting engaged fans to pony up their own cash to fund big projects. While it wasn’t exactly the fan-fueled rebirth of Veronica Mars, YouTube star Freddie Wong and his partners were able to raise over $800,000 earlier this year for the second season of the scripted show Video Game High School. Now another YouTuber is passing the hat on the Web, but not going after the gamer geek demo you might expect. Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover, the YouTube channel headed by animation veteran Fred Seibert, is launching a Kickstarter campaign today for Bee and PuppyCat, a potential female-centric animated series—a rarity in the animation world.