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AMC Orders a Fifth Helping of The Walking Dead

Ravaged by a killer flu and the ever-present hordes of ravenous Walkers, things are looking decidedly grim for the characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead. But at least a handful of survivors will persevere, as the network on Tuesday announced it has picked up the series for a fifth season.

Better Off Dead: AMC Zombie Hit Tears Into Sunday Night

Like the fence meant to keep out hoards of ravenous Walkers, ratings for AMC’s monster hit The Walking Dead last night sagged a bit but did not buckle.

How Facebook’s Partner Categories Level the Playing Field—for Good

Facebook would seem to be an ideal ad vehicle for small local businesses. But it's never lived up to its promise. Until maybe now.

Google Enhances AdWords, Possibly Correcting Mobile Ad Rates

During Google’s earnings call last month, CEO Larry Page said he’s not sure when the company's mobile ad rates will equate with its desktop ad rates—or if they will ever even find an equilibrium, Page even suggested that one segment could alwa

Facebook Mobile Ads Outperform Desktop, Twitter

Update: TBG Digital has clarified the Facebook/Twitter comparison. “We took a deeper look at the data and, unfortunately, the engagement rates were not comparing like for like. Twitter engagement rate measured click-through pate on Promoted Accounts whereas the Facebook CTR was for Newsfeed ads.

Facebook Ad Rates Jump Ahead of IPO

Facebook will make all kinds of pretty pennies when it goes public later this year, but the company has already been filling its coffers through a booming ad business.

In Their Prime: Broadcast Spot Costs Soar

Marketers looking to buy time on broadcast television have had to dig a little deeper, as the average cost of a prime-time spot is just shy of $110,000 a pop.