Complete Guide To Editing Videos Online With The YouTube Video Editor [Video]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

YouTube is the most popular website for uploading and watching videos on the web. However, many YouTubers don’t know that they also offer an editing tool that allows users to edit the videos that they upload, making cuts, replacing soundtracks, and adding transitions. While the YouTube Video Editor is a very simple editing system, and isn’t likely to replace your iMovie or Final Cut, it still offers some great tools that can simplify your YouTube video production process. Read on to find out more about what the YouTube Editor can be used for and watch our video tutorial on how to use it.

When does the YouTube Editor come in handy?

The YouTube editor is not a full-fledged video editing system. It is extremely simple, only offering very basic functionality. However, there are a few instances that it can really come in handy. These instances include replacing your soundtrack, creating a reel or compilation, and making basic edits on your YouTube videos.

Replacing Your Soundtrack

Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube only to have your soundtrack removed due to a copyright violation, or uploaded a video and then decided that you would rather have a more upbeat soundtrack or that you’d like to take out the sound completely and replace it with a song? The YouTube Editor is great for this. Using YouTube’s AudioSwap feature you can swap out your own soundtrack for a song from YouTube’s library of popular music.

You can swap out the audio on your video directly by clicking the “AudioSwap” link from the video page, while you are logged into your YouTube account, or you can create a new video using your old footage but replacing the song using the YouTube Editor. We will show you how to do this in the video tutorial below.

It is important to note that when you use YouTube’s AudioSwap functionality your entire audio track will be replaced. YouTube’s music library cannot be used as background music. Also, once you have used AudioSwap to replace your audio you cannot get your previous audio back. The change is permanent. However you can swap your audio as many times as you’d like.

Creating A Reel Or Compilation

If you have uploaded a lot of videos to YouTube and are thinking about putting together a reel or compilation of your videos to show friends, fans or potential employees then the YouTube Editor is a great tool. Rather than having to import all of your video files into your favorite video editing software, edit your video, add a soundtrack and then upload your reel or compilation to YouTube you can do everything online directly from the YouTube site.

The YouTube Video Editor lets you create a new video by putting together clips of all of the other videos you have uploaded to the site. You can then add a soundtrack from the YouTube AudioSwap library to complete your reel or compilation. Again, we show you how to do this in more detail in our video tutorial.

Remixing Or Making Basic Edits To Your Videos

If you have already uploaded a video to YouTube but decided that it is too long or that you’d like to add another clip to your video you can do this easily with YouTube’s Video Editor. The editor makes it easy to create a brand new video cutting up your old footage, adding new bits, changing out the music and more without having to leave the YouTube site.

Check out our tutorial video below to find out more about how YouTube’s Video Editor works and then play around with the tool to make a video of your own. In our video, we cover the basics of the YouTube Video Editor interface and then show a few examples, including how to use the editor to replace audio, to make a reel and to edit or remix a single video. Of course, feel free to share your edited YouTube video with us in the comments and let us know if you have any questions!