Twitter’s Nascar Promotion Hints at Social TV

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Twitter is one of those services that’s always mentioned with a “but” – and it’s always about money. The service, which is widely accepted as the most possibly current news source on the web on pretty much any subject, also has the stigma of being unsustainable and a ‘flash in the pan’. So when I saw that they’d put on a commercial during Nascar and Nascar had pointed to their specialized #Nascar hashtag chat page several times during the broadcast, I knew Twitter was finally taking steps to address the “but”.

Twitter had a series of video ads, all demonstrating what it’s like behind the scenes at Nascar, and pointing out that by heading over to Twitter you would get access to angles you’d never be able to get otherwise. Whether it’s a picture from within a car, a photo snap from a VIP or a tweet from a mechanic or car manager, Twitter promises a more connected experience. Check out one of the ads below.


I’ve been a fan of Twitter for a while, and am pretty excited to see Twitter finally stepping up to point out how much they can augment an experience. It’s always an amazing experience to connect with the stars and other fans in real time as you watch an event, and while Facebook and Google have tried to create similar features, none have been able to match the simplicity of Twitter. It surprises me how many companies and ads now highlight their Twitter names or even Twitter hashtags.

That said, Twitter was also highlighting a new style of Hashtag page with the Nascar promotion, and it’s pretty cool. They’ve gussied up the page to include a photo stream and a beautiful background. Nothing major, but enough to make the page look friendlier than a typical Twitter hashtag page which would probably be difficult for a new user to access.  Check out the page here.

What I think Twitter is catching wind of here is that they are one of the best ‘second-screen’ apps around. People love to chat about live events and television shows on Twitter, and that’s a big component of Social TV. I think by partnering with Nascar and showing a TV spot, they may be becoming aware of it, and I imagine Twitter will be putting more emphasis on reaching out to TV audiences in the future.

Read more about the new hashtag page over at AllTwitter.