Report: 88% Consider Facebook Entertainment

By Julie D. Andrews 

Social media sites including Facebook were considered entertainment by 88 percent of people polled for a recent study led by Penn Schoen Berland for The Hollywood Reporter, and 98 percent of social networkers are Facebook hounds.

PandoDaily summarized additional findings, including that Generation-C’s two favorite pastimes are viewing social networking sites and listening to music, finishing ahead of watching TV shows, movies, or video clips, or instant messaging.

Multitasking also seems to be the method of choice when people do choose to watch the telly, with 79 percent of those surveyed reporting that they log onto Facebook while watching television.

Overall, when asked how they participate in social media, 67 percent reported listening to and reading what others say, while 33 percent said they express thoughts and opinions.

The study also made a direct comparison between Facebook and Twitter and asked respondents what and who they follow on each of the social networks.

It found that 15 percent of Twitter users seek journalists and reporters, compared with 9 percent of Facebook users, and actors are sought on Twitter by 41 percent of users, versus 32 percent of Facebook users.

Research analyst Brian Solis pointed out in the PandoDaily post:

I find it interesting that consumers connect more with brands, movies, or shows on Facebook, whereas Twitter is the preferred choice for connecting with people.

Readers: Do the results of the Penn Schoen Berland study for THR mirror your personal use of social networks, including Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.