Thousands Of Facebook Users Mourn U.S. Navy Seals

By Ruth Manuel-Logan Comment

Thousands of Facebook users have been posting condolences on memorial pages created for Navy Seals Chief Petty Officer Robert James Reeves (pictured top) and Lieutenant Commander Jonas Kelsall, (pictured below) from Shreveport, Louisiana, who died tragically when their helicopter was shot down during a rescue mission in Afghanistan on Saturday.

As of this writing, the memorial page created for Kelsall accumulated 5,146 likes, while Reeves’ memorial page has 6,845.

The pair of best friends, who had been inseparable since their high school years, were members of the elite counterterrorism and much celebrated Unit 6 navy seals division that killed Osama Bin Laden six months ago.

Reeves, 32, was the first one to enlist as a navy seal back in 1999, Kelsall, 33, soon followed suit. Ironically, both Reeves and Kelsall were assigned the same mission which was to back up U.S. Army Rangers, who were being attacked by Afghan insurgents and died side by side in a Chinnock chopper, when it was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade and went down in flames.

Thus far, of the 30 Unit 6 navy seals who ended the life of terrorist sama Bin Laden, 22 have been killed. There are some analysts who believe that the Unit 6 deaths are not merely coincidence and could in fact be retaliation for killing the Al-Qaeda leader.

The attack marks the largest single death toll of the U.S. in Afghanistan since 2001, and also marks the largest loss of U.S. special operations forces since World War II.

Readers, if you’d like to post a sentiment like those people below for either of these brave men, visit Reeves or Kelsall’s Facebook page.