Subway Becomes Latest Advertiser To Test Facebook Logout Ads

By Julie D. Andrews 

Procter & Gamble’s Swiffer, Ford Mustang, and Subway comprise a trifecta of big-brand names that are sampling Facebook’s new logout ads, Clickz reported.

Tending to include a post that appears as a status update, as well as a television spot, the new advertisements are another experimental way for the social network to try to wrangle revenue.

Subway’s June 1 ad features athletes such as Olympian Michael Phelps throwing around avocados and urging Facebook users to “Add Vocado” to their sandwiches. In May, Ford Mustang’s logout ad appeared.

Surely, breakaway talent Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions, is hard at work pushing her teams to innovate ways of offering up ad campaigns to paying clients. We applaud the social network’s attempt to amp up its advertising strategies. But we also admit to skepticism as to how many people actually log on and log off Facebook, putting into question how effective logout ads can be.

Still, some 37 million Facebook users actually do log out daily, a company representative told ClickZ. Coupled with the fact that advertisers can pinpoint age, gender, and location with the new ads, they are apparently adding spend appeal for participating brands.

Readers: How often do you actually log out of Facebook?

Logout button image courtesy of Shutterstock. Screen grab courtesy of Clickz.