Report: Timeline For Pages Ups Facebook Post Engagement By 13 Percent

By Julie D. Andrews 

Use of timeline for pages has led to a 13 percent increase in post engagement on Facebook, according to a new study published by London-based analytical marketing tool Sotrender.

Researchers from Sotrender analyzed 5,000 Facebook posts created by 130 of the largest brands in the United Kingdom for the last two weeks in February and the last two weeks in April, finding that an average of 179 Facebook fans responded to posts after timeline for pages was introduced, versus 158 before.

Factors analysts took into consideration included: number of posts daily, percentage of engaged users per post, average number of likes and comments per post, and shelf life per post.

Additional positive findings attributed to timeline for pages by Sotrender:

  • Posts now live longer on Facebook
  • Engagement on posts increased

Timeline had no effect on the following, Sotrender reported:

  • Number of posts shared daily
  • Percentage of engaged fans per page
  • Average number of comments and likes per post

Shelf life was assessed by looking at how long it took for a post to get one-half the total number of likes and comments it received. On average, one-half of the total likes or comments are now received in 2.5 hours. Before the release of timeline for pages, this was reached in less than 60 minutes.

Take-away: A post needs to be visible for a certain amount of time for it to reach its full potential when it comes to attracting likes and comments. Oversaturation can diminish these numbers if too many posts appear too often.

Readers: Do you think Sotrender looked at enough pages and brands to make a fair comparison of engagement before and after the release of timeline for pages?