Social Media Newsfeed: Vine Update | End of YouTube?

By Tim Sohn 

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VineVine Update Will Deliver Videos Around the Web (SocialTimes)
With an update Friday, Twitter’s video-sharing app Vine began enabling users to embed their videos on websites in addition to sharing them on Twitter and Facebook. The update will allow the popular six-second, looping videos to appear around the web. Mashable Previously, Vine users could embed tweets with vines, but now they’ll be able to embed the Vine videos themselves, at full 600 x 600 resolution, on any website. When you click on the Embed button on a Vine link, you can choose between a standard embed or a “Postcard,” which puts the Vine user’s profile picture and the caption for the Vine in a white frame that surrounds the video (for standard embeds, that info appears via mouseover). CNET The embeds are available in three sizes: 320, 480 and 600 pixels. The updates are the first significant changes to the Vine experience to allow for boundless sharing. The Next Web Embedding from the app isn’t a simple process. From any feed, users need to hit the ellipsis icon nestled underneath the video and tap “Share this post.” The Twitter and Facebook options are fairly self-explanatory, but choosing the embed option will trigger a new email with an altered link for the Vine’s webpage. PC Magazine Besides the new sharing features, the update also fixes an issue that caused the camera to freeze when starting a new recording. It also resolves a bug that caused the camera to record without touching the screen.

YouTube April Fools 2013: Video Sharing Website Will Shut Down, Announce Winner in 2023 (VIDEO) (The Huffington Post)
When originally published, it wasn’t quite the first of April yet, but that hasn’t stopped YouTube from launching the first salvo of what will surely be an entertaining 2013 April Fool’s Day online. The popular video-sharing website quietly released a video Sunday morning, the day before April Fool’s, titled, “YouTube’s ready to select a winner.” Business Insider The video says YouTube is shutting down after 10 years. The video also features a lot of YouTube stars like the kids from “Charlie Bit My Finger” and David from “David After The Dentist.” Reuters The three-minute video intended as a gag – a montage of clips and cameos — describes how the website will wind down as some 30,000 technicians begin to trawl through 150,000 clips, to select the world’s best video. The winner gets a $500 stipend, a clip-on MP3 player — and becomes the sole video to be featured on YouTube when the website relaunches in 2023.

TV’s Biggest Transmedia Effort ‘Defiance’ to Hit Game Consoles (LostRemote)
By all measures, the TV industry has only dipped its toes into the “transmedia” waters — weaving storylines seamlessly across multiple forms of media. But SyFy and partner Trion Worlds are jumping in headfirst with Defiance, a TV show and video game combination that mixes characters and storylines across linear and interactive worlds.

Exactly How Popular Was the Red Equals Sign on Facebook? (The Daily Dot)
More than 2.7 million U.S. Facebook users changed their profile photos in support of marriage equality during last week’s historic Supreme Court hearings on California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The new photo of choice for most of these users was the “Red Equals Sign” or variations that included the Lion King, Grumpy Cat and bacon.

Report: Mark Zuckerberg-Led Political Advocacy Group Adds Two Lobbying Firms (AllFacebook)
The political advocacy group being formed by Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is moving full-speed ahead, as Politico Pro reported that two more lobbying firms have signed on to work with the group. According to Politico Pro, Peck Madigan Jones and Fierce, Isakowitz & Blalock have been added to the roster of consultants for the group, which will focus on comprehensive immigration reform.

NASA Trailer Reaches Crowdfunding Goal, Will Be Shown Before ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ (The Verge)
“We are the Explorers,” an Indiegogo campaign that aims to create a 30-second trailer about the U.S. Space Program, has reached its crowdfunding goal of $33,000, just five days after launching. Created by the Aerospace Industries Association of America, the campaign was inspired by a nearly three-minute video that NASA released last year.

Free Web Extension Picks Out the Most Tweetable Sentences from Articles (AllTwitter)
If you’ve ever wished you could hear the trite phrase “There’s an app for that” in response to the matter of being able to quickly and actionably extract the most tweetable content from an article or post, start counting your lucky stars. Paul Ford, former web editor of Harper’s, created a free web extension called SavePublishing.

LivingSocial Co-Founder Aaron Batalion Goes it Alone (SocialTimes)
LivingSocial co-founder and chief technical officer Aaron Batalion will leave the company, he said Friday on his blog. Batalion indicated he is not leaving to take another job.

Google’s Doodle Features American Labor Leader Cesar Chavez on Easter Sunday, Users Retaliate on Twitter (TechCrunch)
Google’s Doodles on the search page don’t frequently stir up too much controversy, but Sunday many users are outraged by the search giant’s choice in featuring Cesar Chavez, an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist. Of course, Sunday was also Easter, which is one of the most observed and celebrated religious holidays for Christians around the world.