Social Media Newsfeed: Vine for Android | Taco Bell Damage Control

By Tim Sohn 

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VineTwitter Finally Releases Vine for Android, Adds Zoom (SocialTimes)
Twitter has released the Vine app for Android, giving Android users access to the six-second looping videos that iOS users have been able to post on Twitter since January. “We’ve been looking forward to this day, and we’re excited to get the app into your hands,” wrote Android engineer Sara Haider in a blog post. The Guardian The new version has one feature that’s not (yet) in Vine for iPhone: zoom. However, some features are missing on Android, including support for smartphones’ front-facing cameras, hashtags, search and sharing to Facebook. Mashable Where Vine for iPhone maintains a somewhat Spartan interface, Vine for Android offers a persistent menu just below the company name/logo and the record icon. Menu choices include “Feed,” Activity,” “Explore” and “Profile.” There is no “Home” button on the Android app, but your “Feed” pretty much serves the same purpose — and yes, it’s where you start upon launching the Android app. MediaPost In the 2013 “Internet Trends” report, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers general partner Mary Meeker estimates that Twitter’s Vine monthly active users rose from 2 percent to nearly 8 percent of iPhone owners in the United States between January and April. While there is no word yet on use of Vine to serve up in search engine queries or optimization tips, users can expect to see other features in the coming weeks. ReadWrite Within minutes, Samsung had hijacked the app’s release for its own purposes. Samsung started hitting the Vine release hard through its Twitter account a little less than an hour after the new Vine app was announced, using the hashtag #GalaxyVine to promote the download of Vine onto its Galaxy line of Android smartphones.

Photo of Taco Bell Worker Licking Shells Sends Shudders (USA Today)
On Monday, the Consumerist, a blog that’s a subsidiary of Consumer Reports, posted a hard-to-swallow photo of a Taco Bell employee holding a long stack of about 25 empty taco shells — while licking them with his long tongue fully exposed. The posting — which the employee originally posted on his Facebook page, has since gone seriously viral. New York Daily News The picture has fast food lovers wondering if saliva might be one of the ingredients in the mysterious 7-Layer Burrito. Hundreds of viewers lambasted the Yum! Brands subsidiary for appearing to fall short of health standards. NBC News A corporate spokesman issued a statement about the picture. “Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and team members, and we have strict food handling procedures and zero tolerance for any violations,” a company spokesman said in a statement emailed to CNBC. “When we learned of the situation we immediately contacted this restaurant’s leadership and although we believe it is a prank and the food was not served to customers, we are conducting a full scale investigation and will be taking swift action against those involved.”

Layoffs: Zynga To Slash 18 Percent Of Workforce (AllFacebook)
The ax has begun to fall at troubled game developer Zynga again, as the company confirmed that it will lay off 18 percent of its workforce, lowering its pretax annualized cash expenses by $70 million to $80 million, and AllThingsD reported that Zynga is shuttering its offices in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. The developer said the layoffs will “occur across all functions” and should be completed by August.

Twitter Back Up After Widespread Site Outages (GigaOM)
Users experienced delays and a downed service from Twitter on Monday as the company experienced outages as the result of a routine change. The stakes have grown higher for Twitter in what a fail whale means.

Twitter Music Home Page: Desperately Seeking Relevance (AllTwitter)
In related news, Twitter Music launched strong and took a nosedive, but it’s still clawing for air, apparently. It has redone its landing page, giving it a fresh coat of paint consisting of alternating images that appear to be taken from album covers.

Facebook NY Signs 10-Year Lease To Move Into 100K-Square-Foot Office with 2X Space (TechCrunch)
After weeks of rumors, Facebook has signed a 10-year lease to move its New York office into a new, nearly 100,000-square-foot space over two floors at 770 Broadway in Manhattan. The interior will be designed by famed architect Frank Gehry who is masterminding its Menlo Park headquarters expansion.

RT Becomes First TV News Brand to Hit 1 Billion Views on YouTube (LostRemote)
Fueled by amazing caught-on-camera news clips, Russia Today’s YouTube channel has hit one billion lifetime views — the first TV brand on YouTube to reach the milestone. RT is rather excited about it, first producing a thank you video, then an entire TV show, “Billion Bulletin,” about the accomplishment.

Feedly Emerges as Key Google Reader Replacement with Support from Reeder, Press and More (The Verge)
With the death of Google Reader under a month away, third-party RSS clients will soon need to find a replacement to Google’s service. Feedly has been working hard to fill the void, and Monday announced that it will integrate with the apps Reeder, Nextgen Reader, gReader, Press and Newsify before the end of the month.

Google Bans Glass Porn Apps (VentureBeat)
The term “glassholes” almost got an entirely new meaning today, as the first porn app for Google Glass was released. And was banned almost as quickly.