Social Media Newsfeed: Social Super Bowl | Twitter Data Breach

By Tim Sohn 

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Quick-Thinking Brands Take to Social Media to Capitalize on Super Bowl Power Outage (LostRemote)
When half of the Superdome plunged into darkness during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, a handful of brands took to their Twitter accounts, capitalizing on one of the most bizarre moments in Super Bowl history. The first that I saw — and arguably the overall winner of the night — was Oreo. CNN From Twitter to Facebook, from Tumblr to Flickr, it seemed just about everywhere in the social media-sphere somebody had something to say — sometimes funny, sometimes not so much — about what became known online as “the blackout bowl.” There were even those who felt forced to say something about being, well, forced to say something. Mashable Facebook has compiled a list of top moments from the game, revealing that two of the three most talked-about moments actually had little to do with football. The top moment from the game was, of course, the ending: Ravens winning the Super Bowl. The second and third most talked-about moments were Beyonce’s energetic half-time performance, and the power outage which left half of the Superdome in the dark. AgencySpy If you have a few minutes on Monday at 12:30 p.m. EST, feel free to tune into our live chat via Google+ Hangout to discuss Super Bowl ads, what worked, what didn’t, the social media impact. It’s like our Quickfire except, you know, visual and live. Mashable A three-second call-to-action at the end of Oreo’s Super Bowl commercial, which debuted during the game Sunday, has increased Oreo’s Instagram following by tens of thousands. “Something we can all disagree on: Choose your side on Instagram @Oreo,” the final frame read.

Twitter Hacked; Company Says 250K Users May Have Been Affected (Wired)
Following a string of revelations this week from several media companies who announced they had been recently hacked, Twitter announced on Friday that it had also been the target of a sophisticated attack. The company wrote in a blog post ironically titled “Keeping our users secure” that it detected unusual patterns last week that led it to identify attempts to access user data. PC Magazine Attackers may have gained access to 250,000 accounts, according to the post. The company also uncovered “one live attack” and shut it down while it was still in progress moments later. Twitter Blog Twitter’s investigation has thus far indicated that the attackers may have had access to limited user information – usernames, email addresses, session tokens and encrypted/salted versions of passwords – for the approximately 250,000 users. As a precautionary security measure, it has reset passwords and revoked session tokens for these accounts

Social Media Stock Tracker: Lukewarm Reaction to Facebook Results (SocialTimes)
The social media sector was flat last week as FB’s fourth-quarter results failed to impress investors who expected dramatic gains in mobile revenue, and YHOO also failed to excite with its earnings and 2013 outlook. However, for the 2013 calendar year, the social media sector is still up 8 percent, and next week we will see notable earnings from ZNGA, YELP and LNKD.

The Verge Hires Writer Who Quit CNET in Protest (The New York Times/Media Decoder)
Greg Sandoval, the CNET senior writer who resigned in protest when the site’s parent company, CBS, interfered with its editorial coverage last month, has been hired by The Verge, the website that first revealed the full extent of CBS’s involvement. Sandoval will be a senior reporter for The Verge when he starts in a couple of weeks.

Tabfusion App Brings Dropbox Galleries to Facebook Pages (AllFacebook)
Cloud storage service Dropbox introduced the ability for Facebook users to share files within groups last September, but page administrators could not bring similar functionality to their pages until tab application provider Tabfusion stepped in. Tabfusion Friday released an app that allows page admins to add either a single Dropbox gallery or a gallery with subfolders and photos to their pages.

The Redditlet Bookmarklet Brings the Best of Reddit to the Website You are Currently Reading (The Next Web)
Redditlet, a neat bookmarklet that brings you discussions from Reddit about the website you are current reading, is a simple tool that can be selected from any page, which will cause its backend to scan the Reddit network for matches. If the URL you are viewing has been submitted in the past, that comment thread will be loaded for you.

Early Twitter Employees Selling Shares Valued at $9.9 Billion (AllTwitter)
So maybe that “early Twitter investors” scam isn’t making such an outlandish claim (It is, don’t click those tweets). But according to Fortune, multiple sources say there is yet another block of early employee shares available, at a valuation of $9.9 billion.

Carbon Twitter Client Released for Android Smartphones (The Verge)
Carbon, a long-awaited third-party Twitter app for Android, is finally here. App developer Dots & Lines has been working on getting Carbon out for a while now; it originally estimated that the app would be out for Android as a free download last July, but that didn’t happen.

YouTube Working to Fix Buggy View Counts from January (SocialTimes)
If you’ve been keeping an eye on your YouTube Analytics over the past few weeks you may have noticed some out-of-the-ordinary things, from spikes in mobile views to lower-than-average video views. These irregularities may have been due to a bug, which YouTube is working to fix over the next few days.