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By Tim Sohn 

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Sheryl SandbergFacebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Almost Became LinkedIn’s CEO (AllFacebook)
Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has one of the most impressive resumés in the tech world, including a stint as chief of staff in the U.S. Treasury Department, and working to make Google into the giant that it is today. But as The Wall Street Journal discovered in an early reading from Sandberg’s book, before she worked for Facebook, she was offered the top job at another social networking site — LinkedIn. Mashable In the summer of 2006, while Sandberg was working as an exec at Google, LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman reached out to her about the possibility of taking over as the company’s CEO. Ultimately, though, Sandberg decided to turn down the offer to focus on her family. Business Insider Smart move! She later became COO of Facebook, acting as a powerful second in command for Mark Zuckerberg. LinkedIn and Facebook are both fantastically successful companies, and it’s hard to say if LinkedIn would have done better or worse under Sandberg. The New York Times In related Facebook news, now, with Facebook’s newfangled search tool, it can allow strangers, along with “friends” on Facebook, to discover who you are, what you like and where you go. Facebook insists it is up to you to decide how much you want others to see. And that is true, to some extent. But you cannot entirely opt out of Facebook searches. Geraldo Rivera created his own buzz last week by speaking openly on radio and television about running as a Republican for U.S. Senate in New Jersey in 2014. But this week, he took to Facebook to make something clear: Nothing’s official yet.

Tumblr Adds Real-Time Notifications To its Dashboard and it Feels a Lot Like Facebook’s Ticker (TechCrunch)
Wednesday on its staff blog, Tumblr shared that it is rolling out real-time notifications to people’s dashboards, so that you can have even more cat- and fashion-related content thrown in your face. This might actually kick up some engagement for Tumblr, as it’s always interesting to see what your friends are liking on the service. SocialTimes The notifications show activity by those the user follows on Tumblr. Tiny pop-up windows appear and then fade away, much like they do in Facebook’s real-time notifications system. The Verge Tumblr began rolling out the feature — which resembles the functionality of Facebook’s live ticker — last night. Thankfully, like Facebook’s sometimes distracting sidebar addition, Tumblr is also giving you the option to disable real-time notifications and continue viewing the dashboard in its old, static form.

Dunking in the Dark: the Technology Behind Oreo’s Super Bowl Tweet (SocialTimes)
At the 2013 Super Bowl, a sudden blackout that darkened the football stadium for more than half an hour became a star vehicle for a package of sandwich cookies when Oreo filled the downtime with a clever tweet. Despite what the advertising copy read, the makers of Oreo weren’t dunking in the dark.

USPS is Ending Saturday Mail. Nice Work, You Emailing Bastards. (VentureBeat)
Next time you pour out a little liquor for your homies, pour a little more out for Saturday mail delivery service. The USPS is officially making Saturday a day of rest for its mail carriers.

98 Percent of Job Recruiters Used Social Media in 2012 [Infographic] (AllTwitter)
Ninety-eight percent of recruiters used social media for sourcing quality hires in 2012, up from 94 percent in 2011, with LinkedIn (97 percent of respondents) far and away the preferred platform of choice, ahead of Facebook (51 percent) and Twitter (49 percent). Facebook (17 percent) edged Twitter (13 percent) as the social network that produced the highest quality candidate, but more than one-third (38 percent) of recruiters said that they planned on using Twitter more in 2013.

Twitter Boosts Search, Discovery with App Updates (PC Magazine)
Twitter Wednesday updated its mobile app with a focus on streamlined search and discovery. On iPhone and Android, all content in the Discover tab – including tweets, activity, trends, and “who to follow” suggestions – will now appear in a single stream, rather than separate sections.

Amara Starts Offering Crowdsourced Subtitles for All of Your YouTube Videos (GigaOM)
Crowdsourced video captioning platform Amara launched an improved YouTube integration this week that allows any YouTube user to crowdsource the subtitling of their videos, utilizing many of the same tools that are being used by companies like TED, Khan Academy, Udacity and Netflix. The move could not only help YouTube producers to provide support for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers, but also expand their international audience.

Apple Reportedly Pressured Vine to Go “17+” on the App Store (ars technica)
Apple may have nudged Twitter into updating its new Vine app with a “17+” rating on the App Store due to salacious content, according to a report from AllThingsD. Shortly after Vine first appeared in the App Store, porn videos began cropping up not only under relevant hashtags (#sex, #nsfw, #pornvine) but as editors’ picks forced to the top of uninterested users’ feeds.

Mayor Bloomberg Condemns ‘Twittering’ in Schools (
At a morning press conference announcing new Hurricane Sandy initiatives, Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t just wade into the Israel-Palestine dispute, he also defended New York City’s cell phone ban in public schools. “Kids should be in the classroom listening to the teacher,” he declared after a reporter asked him if Murry Bergtraum High School’s lack of regular phone service might prompt him to rethink the policy. “Not playing games, not Facebooking, Twittering, emailing, texting, or anything else. We’ve made that decision a long time ago. Cell phones are very destructive to the education process.”