Social Media Newsfeed: Mumbai Arrests Over Facebook Post | Amazon Posts

By Tim Sohn 

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2 Indians Charged Over Facebook Post on Dead Politician (USA Today)
Two Indian women were arrested Sunday after one criticized Mumbai authorities on Facebook for shutting down the city for the funeral of a powerful Hindu nationalist politician, and her friend clicked “like.” The 21-year-old students from Pulghar, about 40 miles north of Mumbai, made bail Monday for their opinions involving the death of 86-year-old Bal Thackeray, the controversial founder of the Hindu-centric, anti-Muslim Shiv Sena (“Shiva’s Army”). Mashable “People like Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a bandh for that,” Shaheen Dhadha wrote on her Facebook wall. NDTV reports that the Facebook post also said, “Respect is earned, not given and definitely not forced. Today Mumbai shuts down due to fear and not due to respect.” AP Clearly terrified by her arrest and the attack on her uncle’s clinic, Dhada told NDTV television she would never again make comments on a social networking site. Both women said they have deactivated their Facebook accounts. AllFacebook With Black Friday just days away, mentions on Facebook containing words related to holiday shopping are up 160 percent compared with one month ago, while mentions of Christmas are up 157 percent, according to the social network. Facebook also revealed the top 10 brands in terms of people talking about this, as well as 10 brands on the social network offering interesting applications or promotions. Inside Facebook Some Facebook users now have the option to sync their iPhone photos to a private album on the social network. This feature was previously available for the Android app but is newly being tested on iOS.

Amazon Offers ‘Amazon Pages’ For Brands to Customize with Their Own URLs, and ‘Amazon Posts’ for Social Media Marketing (TechCrunch)
Amazon is quietly pushing a service called Amazon Pages, which lets companies set up their own pages on as “custom destinations,” complete with URLs and dynamic designs with large photos and social media links. Along with this, it is also offering Amazon Posts for companies to market themselves across Amazon and Facebook, and Amazon Analytics to measure how well all of the above is working.

President Obama’s Digital Team Shares the Secret to its Success (SocialTimes)
For the first time, members of President Barack Obama’s digital team are sharing some of the secrets behind their groundbreaking strategy, including how they happened upon the now-famous photo that was used in the most tweeted and shared Facebook post in history. A member of the usually tight-lipped crew gave her first extensive interview to the Daily Beast in which she discussed the iconic photo, the election night strategy, and how a team of four oversaw all social media accounts — including more niche platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest and Spotify — on behalf of the president, first lady and vice president Joe Biden.

Twitter Ditches ‘Casual Friday,’ Lets Employees Do #FridayForGood Community Service (TechCrunch)
This past Friday, the Twitter apparently did some work around its New York City offices to help out Hurricane Sandy victims, as well as do some hunger drives in San Francisco. Here are some photos that the company posted on its Flickr account from its last Friday For Good day in San Francisco.

YouTube Now Lets You Link Your Channel with a Google+ Profile, and Google+ Page Support Coming Soon (The Next Web)
Google on Monday announced even more Google+ integration for YouTube that allows you to link your channel with a Google+ profile and still keep your channel name. Although the company is still pushing out the prompt to all its users, if you want to opt in right now, you can do so in your YouTube account settings.

What the Viggle-GetGlue Acquisition Means for the Battle Over the Second Screen (LostRemote)
Viggle has scooped up GetGlue, combining to form a second screen powerhouse in an increasingly competitive space. GetGlue has the bigger audience, but Viggle has the deeper pockets, a publicly-traded company founded by former American Idol exec Robert Sillerman that acquired Loyalize and quickly ramped up an aggressive team.

How to Solve the Racist-Teens-on-Twitter Problem (ReadWrite)
If the social media shaming of racist teens over the past few weeks has revealed anything conclusive, it’s this: There’s a large amount of hate speech floating around on Twitter. One reason could be that Twitter actually doesn’t have a hate speech clause in its Terms of Service.

How To Get a Twitter Username You Love (and How to Change it if You Hate it) (AllTwitter)
Setting up a Twitter account for the first time is not as simple as it seems. You’ve got to brainstorm a killer username, a label that people will know you by, one they’ll want to retweet and something with that X factor of cool.

Zynga Loses the Deal Guy Behind Lady Gaga and Snoop Marketing Stunts (AllThingsD)
After three-and-a-half years at Zynga, Jonathan Flesher, vice president of business development, has left the social games company, the latest in a string of resignations. While at Zynga, Flesher worked on a number of partnerships, including deals with Yahoo, Google+, MSN and AOL.