Social Media Newsfeed: Michael Arrington Responds | Facebook Home Leak

By Tim Sohn 

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Michael ArringtonMichael Arrington Responds to Allegations (SocialTimes)
In a deliberately vague statement, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has effectively denied allegations that he physically abused his ex-girlfriend. The former lawyer did not mention the accusers or the accusations by name in the response he posted on his personal blog, but the news headlines in the past week have centered on a Facebook status update written by founder and CEO Jenn Allen, a former girlfriend of Arrington’s who said that he had cheated on her, physically abused her and threatened to murder her. FishbowlNY Arrington wrote on his site that “All of the allegations are completely untrue” and that he had hired a legal team to ”represent me in the legal actions against the offending parties.” He continued: “I know this isn’t, for now, much information. I will have a full and complete response to these allegations sometime later this week. My goal will be to direct as much sunlight as possible on the issues so that the absolute truth can be known and I can begin to put my life back together.” Gawker Nik Cubrilovic, an entrepreneur and programmer, lived with Arrington at the time he was dating Allen. In an email to Gawker, Cubrilovic said that after speaking to Arrington he is “100 percent convinced now [Allen] is lying.” He painted the picture of an obsessive ex-girlfriend whose only aim is “to destroy Arrington.” Business Insider Now, former TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde has commented on the allegations. She wrote in part: “I simply do not believe any of the allegations to be true. TechCrunch Crunchfund partner Pat Gallagher and Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera also gave brief statements around the time of the post’s publication, attesting to Arrington’s character: “I’ve known Mike since 1989,” wrote Gallagher on Facebook, “We went to college together, have worked together, have lived together and I have met just about every woman he has ever dated. I have never seen him physically threaten or harm anyone, woman or man, and can’t imagine him doing so.”

Facebook Blocks Access to Unauthorized Pre-Release Version of Home (AllFacebook)
Some tech-savvy users of Android devices were able to experiment with a pre-release version of Facebook Home prior to its scheduled release in the Google Play store Friday on selected smartphones, but it seems that Facebook was able to pull the plug on the unauthorized preview. MoDaCo unearthed the pre-release version of Home from a pre-release HTC First, and it said that while it was able to get that version working on Android devices with maximum resolutions of 1,280 pixels by 768 pixels and the ability to completely uninstall existing Facebook applications, it was buggy and incomplete, with the new Chat Heads feature not functioning, for example. Mashable Mashable attempted to download it as well on a Nexus 4, but only got a blank screen. We had to uninstall the apps — Facebook, Facebook Home and Facebook Messenger — to get the device working again. Los Angeles Times Facebook could not be reached for comment.

Vine Scurries to the Top of Apple’s App Store Charts for Free and Social Apps, but Only in the U.S. (The Next Web)
Twitter’s video sharing service, Vine, has hit the No. 1 spot for free apps in the Apple App Store. As TechCrunch notes, this milestone comes just six months since it first debuted.

Men More Likely Than Women to Use Social Media Whilst on The Toilet or Drunk, Says Poll [Study] (AllTwitter)
More than half of Facebook users and just over a third of Twitter users admitted to social networking whilst on the toilet, and slightly less have done so whilst drunk, notes a study last month from CreditDonkey. Of most concern is the revelation that almost one in five (19 percent) have used Facebook whilst driving.

Microsoft May Announce Next Generation of Xbox on May 21 (CNET)
Microsoft will spill the beans on its next-generation Xbox at an event on May 21, according to Windows blogger Paul Thurrott and a report from The Verge. Originally scheduled for April, the event was pushed back to May, sources have told the Verge.

Tumblr Updates its Look on Android with a Path-esque Launcher Button (GigaOM)
Tumblr launched a fresh new look for its Android app on Monday, updating the navigation with a launcher button that pops out all of a user’s different options on mobile — making the app look a lot more like Path. Path has been noted for its design on mobile, and both Facebook’s Home on Android and Tumblr’s new Android design share navigation features with the social network.

Vidpresso Brings Social Media Photos to TV with Upgraded Curation Tool (LostRemote)
This week at NAB, Vidpresso is showcasing some new features of its social TV curation tool, which is used by several TV stations and production teams ranging from KSL TV to Anderson Cooper. The tool already makes it easy to display Facebook and Twitter updates on the air, but it can now display photos from Twitter and Instagram as well.

Twitter Users Clueless About Who Margaret Thatcher Was (The Daily Dot)
If you don’t know who Margaret Thatcher was, think of her as the British equivalent of Ronald Reagan. History teachers across the English-speaking world engaged in mass facepalming on Monday, after the news media reported the death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, and a huge portion of the Internet responded: “Who?”

Texting While Flying May Have Played Role in Fatal Helicopter Crash (The Verge)
The U.S. National Transportation Safety has recovered evidence that a commercial helicopter pilot was texting before a 2011 crash that killed him and three passengers, the first time texting has been found to occur during a fatal air accident, Bloomberg reported. The pilot, who worked for an emergency medical aerial transportation company called Air Methods, received four texts and sent three in mid-flight.