Social Media Newsfeed: Kate Middleton in Labor | Indiegogo Campaign for Snowden

By Tim Sohn 

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Kate MiddletonKate Middleton in Labor (The Daily Beast)
Kate and William like to do things their way, and the birth of their first child is proving, so far, to be no exception. With no fanfare, no sirens and no police outriders, a dark Range Rover and a shiny new Audi nosed their way calmly through the traffic-free streets of London shortly after dawn this morning, covering the one-and-a-half miles from Kensington Palace to the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital in a couple of minutes. New York Daily News The palace has said it plans to inform the world of the baby’s birth through a mixture of tradition and social media. Officials have said a royal aide will emerge from the hospital with a signed bulletin carrying the Buckingham Palace letterhead. The bulletin will be given to an official who will be driven to the palace, where it will be posted on an easel in public view in front of the building. The Guardian The archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, tweeted: “My thoughts and prayers are with Kate and the whole family on this enormously special day.” As you may know, the media were driven into panic on one or two occasions when tweets by influential media figures seemed to suggest the baby might be on its way. One such panic resulted in the following amusing tweet: “Royal baby’s definitely on the way. William’s just been spotted with this guy.” CNN On Twitter, at least seven topics related to the royal baby jumped to the top of the trending list in the United Kingdom Monday morning. And “Kate Middleton” was trending in the United States. Many tweets were along the lines of the comment of Holly Thrift, who wrote, “The royal baby is coming! I am freaking out!” TIME/AP It is the baby’s gender that is of particular interest because the prospect of Kate’s pregnancy prompted a change to laws of succession to ensure a daughter would not be passed over for the crown by a younger brother. Boy or girl, the child will be the prospective future monarch.

Indiegogo Campaign Hopes to Fund Whistleblower’s Trip to Venezuela (Mashable)
Edward Snowden has been holed up in a Moscow airport for nearly a month, but now one campaign on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo aims to help the NSA whistleblower make his way out. The campaign, aptly named “Fly Edward Snowden Fly,” was started by Christian Honey, an Oxford University neuroscientist who hopes to raise money for Snowden’s travel and legal costs, should he go to Venezuela, where he was offered asylum.

NYU’s Social Media Evolution (SocialTimes)
When Nick Jensen attended New York University – he graduated in 2011 – he was frustrated with the university’s lack of social media presence. Now, Jensen works in HashtagNYU, an office in the Office of Student Life that cranks out social media content for nine social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Spotify.

Twitter Co-Founder: Facebook Should Charge Users for Ad-Free Version (Mashable)
Now that he’s back on Facebook, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone says he’s come to recognize Facebook’s ads are not “particularly useful or engaging,” and he believes the social network should offer a premium option that would let users pay $10 a month to get rid of the ads — similar to the way music-streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify operate. The obvious question is whether Stone would also push for Twitter to introduce a premium option to get rid of all the promoted trends and tweets, but perhaps he’ll address that in a future Medium post.

Mark Zuckerberg Secretly Filmed for Documentary ‘Terms And Conditions May Apply’ (AllFacebook)
Speaking of Facebook, co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a cameo role in “Terms and Conditions May Apply,” a documentary about Internet security and privacy, but Zuckerberg didn’t even know he was being filmed, director Cullen Hoback told AFP, as reported by The Telegraph. According to Hoback, he approached Zuckerberg outside his home in Palo Alto, Calif., while holding a video camera, asking him, “Do you still think privacy is dead? What are your real thoughts on privacy?”

Apple Reportedly Tinkering with Larger Screens for iPhone, iPad (CNET)
Apple is testing versions of its iPhone and iPad with larger screens, according to a brief news alert Sunday on The Wall Street Journal. The gadget maker has been testing iPad screens in recent months that measure almost 13 inches diagonally and iPhone screens larger than their current four-inch size, The Wall Street Journal reports.

A Quick Guide to Strengthening Your Brand’s Voice on Twitter (AllTwitter)
A brand’s voice on social media should resonate just as strongly as the memory of your best friend from elementary school. It should have a personality that your audience can clearly pick up on and engage with. It should be alive.

What’s the Best Way for Small Business to Grow? (USA Today)
Digital technology, websites and social media now are key tools for growing small businesses and competing with larger ones. “Even if you’re making coffee or ice pops or lobster rolls, you can also expand your business using technology,” says Small Business Administration chief Karen Mills. “It levels the playing field.”

FlipOver Calls on Social Entreprenuers to Tackle World’s Most Serious Problems (VentureBeat) is a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform that empowers social entrepreneurs to create change in communities around the world. The startup is building a global network of social entrepreneurs and organizations to collaborate on solutions to pervasive social problems, like hunger, infant mortality and lack of access to education.