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By Tim Sohn 

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Facebook to Reveal ‘New Look’ for News Feed Next Week (Inside Facebook)
Facebook Friday invited members of the press to its headquarters for a launch event this week focused on News Feed. Unlike with some invitations that leave people guessing what will be announced, Facebook has come out and said it will show off a “new look for News Feed” at the event on Thursday. ReadWrite The News Feed redesign is likely to remove some of the micro-managing necessary to maintain a relevant social stream. Facebook might also rethink the formula that determines what shows up in the News Feed – but better, more centralized controls for sorting and hiding content would also be a good idea. Wired News Feed hasn’t seen a major redesign in ages and definitely needs one. CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has called News Feed one of Facebook’s three main pillars, along with Timeline and Graph Search. Business Insider Interestingly, Facebook is also experimenting with a new design for Timeline with users in New Zealand, a country which it commonly uses as a testbed. So, Facebook is in the midst of conducting a major revamp of pretty much its entire website. Daily Mail In related Facebook news, the social network has made the startling admission that teenagers are becoming bored with the social networking giant. Facing competition from younger, more agile and “cooler” apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook fears its long-term business could be harmed.

Yelp Will Launch Display Ads in Mobile Apps (SocialTimes)
Yelp will launch display ads in its mobile apps this month, with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Taco Bell and Miller Lite as its first advertisers, the company said on Friday. Yelp currently generates most of its revenue through promoted results in its mobile apps and on the web. Ad Age The exclusive deals will last for all of March. On April 1, the app display inventory will become available to all buyers with features such as geo-targeting and cross-device tracking via activity on users’ Yelp accounts.

Disruptions: As User Interaction on Facebook Drops, Sharing Comes at a Cost (The New York Times/Bits Blog)
I paid Facebook $7 to promote my column to my friends using the company’s sponsored advertising tool. To my surprise, I saw a 1,000 percent increase in the interaction on a link I posted, which had 130 likes and 30 reshares in just a few hours. It seems as if Facebook is not only promoting my links on news feeds when I pay for them, but also possibly suppressing the ones I do not pay for.

Twitter Brazil is Now Open For Business (and Brazilians are Big Fans of Promoted Tweets) (AllTwitter)
In December, Twitter opened its first office in Brazil, looking to better support local partners and users. Recently, the official launch of Twitter in Brazil took place, with clients and executives coming together to celebrate the news.

ZDNet Cuts U.S. Bloggers as it Refocuses on Global Coverage (VentureBeat)
Business technology news site ZDNet has cut five bloggers from its staff in the past few weeks as it continues to realign its organization into a global one. In July, ZDNet decided to combine all of its international sites into one editorial team (and one budget), and since that time it has been focused on expanding into a global network.

Evernote Resets User Passwords After Being Hit by ‘Coordinated’ Hack (ars technica)
Evernote is requiring each of its 50 million users to reset their login credentials after the site’s security team detected a security breach that exposed password data and other personal information. In a security notice published Saturday, Evernote said the precautionary password reset came after an investigation found no evidence of any stored content being accessed, changed or lost.

How and Why LinkedIn is Becoming an Engineering Powerhouse (GigaOM)
Five years ago, LinkedIn was a shell of the technology company it is today. Here’s an inside look at where it came from, what it’s become and where it’s going.

College Student Charged with Threatening Professor on Twitter (The Daily Dot)
A man was expelled and charged after allegedly threatening on Twitter to slit his professor’s throat in front of the class. Anthony Will Briscoe Jr. was kicked out of Mount Aloysius College in Cambria County, Pa., and was charged with terroristic threats, harassment by communications and disorderly conduct.

Songdrop is a Delicious for Music That Lives Outside of Paywalls (TechCrunch)
With competitors such as and Whyd, it may not be the most original idea, but newly launched Songdrop — which is perhaps best described as a “Delicious for music” — is a fun and well designed take on solving the music discovery and sharing problem, at least for music fans that live outside of the paywalls of services such as Spotify. The company has announced its first round of funding.