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By Tim Sohn 

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FacebookFacebook Tweaks News Feed to Surface More Relevant Posts (SocialTimes)
Facebook Tuesday announced two minor changes to its News Feed that will surface more — and hopefully more relevant — posts from users’ friends. Story Bumping and Last Actor sound just as adorable as two other Facebook activities: poking and liking, but the names of the two new features actually refer to the way that Facebook’s algorithm selects which stories users see when they log in to their accounts. AllFacebook Say a friend, but not a close friend, had an awesome post at 8 a.m., but it didn’t show up on your News Feed when you checked at that time, because it was too far down. With Story Bumping, Facebook is borrowing from NBC with the idea of, “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!” That post you missed from a friend at 8 a.m. is eligible to be bumped back up toward the top of your News Feed when you check again an hour or two later. Inside Facebook With Last Actor, Facebook will take into account the last 50 engagements of a user, giving more weight to people and pages the user has recently interacted with. The Next Web Lars Backstrom, an engineering manager in charge of News Feed ranking, spoke about News Feed and the types of stories that go into it. He revealed that there are 1,500 stories per day seen on average. CNET Product manager Will Cathcart said Tuesday’s event was timed with the rollout of the bumping stories method, but the company plans to proactively talk about changes to the News Feed in the future. Facebook has even started a new blog dedicated to explaining News Feed changes, in hopes of quelling the concerns of businesses.

Twitter Promises New Security Feature is Better, Easier to Use (VentureBeat)
Twitter announced Tuesday that it is updating the way it handles security for its social network, introducing a new security option that it promises is both more secure and easier to use than its current two-factor authentication system. From Tuesday, the company’s rolling out a new system that dispenses with the text message altogether. All users need now is their phone and a Twitter app to sign in to the service. TechCrunch When a login is attempted and the option is enabled by a user, they’ll get a push notification alerting them to the login attempt and asking them to approve it. To prevent being locked out, you also get a backup code in the application for you to record elsewhere in case your phone is permanently offline. The Verge With the update, however, you’ll be able to use the iOS and Android mobile app (once it’s set up) to get the verification code to log in. Since SMS messages are no longer necessary, two-step verification is now available across the world with the update, and the app will provide details like the location and browser details of any request that’s made to sign into your account.

What Customers Hate About Social Brands [Infographic] (AllTwitter)
When you like or follow a brand on a social media channel such as Facebook and Twitter, what is the thing that they do that you hate the most? Disruptive Communications asked more than 1,000 United Kingdom consumers what was most likely to damage their opinion of a brand that uses social media, and discovered that poor spelling and lousy grammar was the worse offense, with 42.5 percent citing this as their biggest turn-off.

Marissa Mayer Appoints Former Google Zagat Head to Lead Flickr for Yahoo (GigaOM)
Marissa Mayer announced on Tuesday evening that Bernardo Hernández would be joining Yahoo as the new head of Flickr. Hernández formerly worked at Google with Mayer, where he was the managing director of Zagat, and oversaw the integration of the service into various Google products.

Personal Finance Social Network Out of Beta (SocialTimes)
Personal finance social network is now out of beta mode and available to the public. According to a news release from the Arlington, Va.-based company, is “designed to help consumers quickly make the best financial decisions.”

The Quiet Mobile Giant: With 300M Active Users, WhatsApp Adds Voice Messaging (AllThingsD)
WhatsApp, a tiny startup with a very basic idea, boring design and lots of competition, has somehow managed to connect up most of the world. And that’s actually pretty exciting. The four-year-old company — which helps users send text messages between all different types of mobile phones on all different carriers in every country – now has 300 million monthly active users, it told AllThingsD this week.

How Social Media and Online Grocers Transformed the Food Business (Adweek)
A study by The Hartman Group points out that social media is changing “the way we think about, talk about and experience food,” finding that 52 percent of Americans have “liked” a food brand on Facebook while 43 percent regularly use social platforms to plan their meals. The local-food movement is feeding on this digital zeitgeist that’s transforming how meats, eggs and produce are marketed, distributed and consumed.

Google’s New Search Feature Makes it Easier to Find Seminal Articles on Big Topics (Nieman Journalism Lab)
Tuesday, Google announced a new search feature that aims to put in-depth and longform coverage of people, places, events and themes at your fingertips. “We’ve done research that suggests this is a fairly common kind of information need, not a specific need but a broad interest,” says Google product manager Jake Hubert.

Break Out the Bubbly: Rich Kids of Instagram Spawns E! Reality Show (BetaBeat)
Four years after the demise of Bravo’s NYC Prep, we still haven’t found the perfect replacement show about over-entitled rich kids behaving badly. But wipe those Dom Perignon-tinged tears off your face because E! is developing a show called Rich Kids of Beverley Hills, which sounds similar to the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr.