Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Mobile Updates | Twitter Viral Videos

By Tim Sohn 

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FacebookRestaurants’ Mobile Facebook Pages Integrated with OpenTable; Listings Added to Mobile Pages for TV Shows, Movies (AllFacebook)
Mobile Facebook pages for restaurants, TV shows and movies will become much more useful shortly, as the social network announced two updates to its mobile pages that will launch later this week. For restaurants, Facebook users will be able to make reservations directly on their pages following an integration with online real-time restaurant-reservation service OpenTable, eliminating the need to visit the mobile sites of the approximately 20,000 U.S. restaurants that support OpenTable, or to launch the OpenTable application. Forbes Facebook is also adding television listings on its mobile app. For TV shows and movies that have a Facebook page, those pages will now display the next local time and TV channel it is playing. The listings are based on current time zones. GigaOM These two minor moves are only part of an ongoing effort by the company to become a major player in local commerce and influence offline spending. This is yet another example of Facebook squaring off with Google. Inside Facebook Another major mobile update: hashtags are now live on the iOS native app. Facebook announced that with the latest iOS update, Facebook users can engage with hashtags the way that they do in desktop. Business Insider Yelp, on the other hand, has offered OpenTable integration since 2010. Just last month, Yelp launched a slightly similar feature that aims to get its users to take action. The Yelp platform works with and Eat24 to let users order food for delivery or pickup. In the next few months, Yelp will add categories like spas, yoga studios, salons, and dentist appointments. Mashable In other Facebook news, the social network has acquired Mobile Technologies, a developer of voice recognition and translation tools, the two companies announced late Monday. The terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed.

Twitter Explains How Ryan Gosling, Chris Hadfield and Dove Went Viral (The Guardian)
How, exactly, do things go viral on Twitter? The bad news from the company’s latest U.K. blog post: “There is no single magic formula.” That’s one finding from Twitter’s study of three videos that recently went viral on its network: the Ryan Gosling series of “Won’t eat cereal” videos; astronaut Chris Hadfield’s performance of Space Oddity; and Dove’s Real Beauty marketing campaign. AllThingsD The researchers are able to tell you how the Gosling Vine went viral, which makes for a cool visual representation. The guide, per Twitter’s blog: “The blue nodes represent Tweets; the bigger they are, the larger the potential reach of that Tweet. The yellow dots represent retweets.” The Drum Twitter found that tweets containing video have strong engagement rates, with 42 percent likely to retweet, reply, or mention brand tweets that contain a fun or interesting video. The Gosling videos were carefully seeded with key influencers in the world of Vine such as @BestVinesEver and @VineLoops. This ensured that the videos went viral quickly, echoing the online journey of a major breaking news story.

Who is to Blame for the CBS and Showtime Blackouts on Time Warner Cable? [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
While Time Warner Cable battles with CBS over retransmission fees, more than 3 million cable subscribers in major U.S. markets, including New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas, have lost access to sporting events and popular shows like “Dexter.” Social media research firm Fizziology turned to Twitter to see which party the public blames for all the drama. So far, Time Warner Cable has taken 66 percent — the largest chunk — of the blame.

Twitter Revamps TweetDeck’s New Tweet Panel with Easier Posting, Sending DMs and Previewing Images (The Next Web)
Twitter Monday announced a revamp of the new tweet panel in TweetDeck to make it easier to tweet, send DMs and preview images to share. The company says the changes will be rolled out to all users gradually, beginning with the Web and Chrome versions of TweetDeck and followed “soon” by the Windows and Mac apps.

America’s CEOs Using Twitter, LinkedIn More, Facebook Less, Google+ Hardly at All (AllTwitter)
CEOs and social media haven’t always made the greatest of bedfellows – while some chief execs seem to spend almost all of their spare time online, many others don’t bother at all. New research from Domo and has revealed that the heads of America’s largest companies are gradually coming around to the idea of social networking, certainly when it comes to Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook and Google+? Not so much.

‘Breaking Bad’ Is Big on Twitter, Facebook — and TV, too (AllThingsD)
It wasn’t just your imagination: A lot of people were tweeting and Facebooking about “Breaking Bad.” Just as important, at least for the people behind the show: A lot of people watched it, too.

Wattpad is Experimenting with Kickstarter-Like Fan Funding (AppNewser)
Online writing community Wattpad is testing a new program that would let fans help fund projects. Readers can sponsor their favorite writers in the group to help them fund a story, an eBook or professional services for a work such as editing, design or distribution, in exchange for rewards.

Anthony Weiner Has No Idea Why He Didn’t Use Snapchat Either (TechCrunch)
Monday during a BuzzFeed Brews session with Ben Smith, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner was asked why he didn’t use Snapchat during his infamous sexting campaign with half the single women of the United States. His answer will rest immortal: “I don’t have a good answer to that.”

Survey: Senior Managers Do Not Want You to Friend Them on Facebook (SocialTimes)
A survey developed by staffing agency OfficeTeam found that executives have become increasingly uncomfortable being “friended” by business contacts on Facebook. An independent research firm hired by OfficeTeam interviewed 1,014 senior managers at businesses that hire 20-plus employees.