Pinterest to Be Integrated into 3 Japanese Commerce Services

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Pinterest, the biggest pin up bulletin board on the web, is getting integrated with Rakuten, a leading Japanese commerce service. The Rakuten commerce network will now include “Pin It” buttons to encourage users to share images of their products and services on Pinterest. I’ve always seen direct linking to product as a tempting way for Pinterest to make money by working with large companies, and it looks like it’s happening here with Rakuten.

The Next Web is reporting the news and also included a link to Rakuten’s Pinterest how to guide which explains to users how the integration works, as well as a translation of their announcement which indicates Rakuten may have plans for more.

The services that will use Pinterest are Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Travel and Rakuten Recipe. Rakuten Ichiba is an Amazon type merchant, a “global market” that is available around the world. If you head over there you can see that the Pin buttons are not yet integrated in their main product line, but they do use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ product sharing links at the bottom of every item.

Rakuten has a $100m stake in Pinterest, and also reports that they are not going to limit Pinterest in any way – we can expect to see Pinterest deals with other e-commerce sites in the future.