Pinsulin Leverages Pinterest to Raise Awareness for Juvenile Diabetes [Video]

By Neil Vidyarthi 

A new campaign by the International Awareness Day for Junvenile Diabetes leverages Pinsulin to help spread the word about the international day, which is November 14, 2012. They’ve released a video and a pin, which hasn’t been repinned that much yet, but seems to be gaining steam.

It’s interesting to see a charity use Pinterest as part of their campaign, and certainly other organizations will be looking at the success of these Pinterest campaigns to determine whether it’s an effective place to use an Ad. The focus on visual images on Pinterest definitely means that it’s a great place to use advertising, and I’d be surprised if we don’t see some advertising Pins go viral. I’ve already seen a few Nike quotes about losing weight go viral as people share the inspirational quote – and bring the brand along with it.

This pin is a bit vague, but we’ll see if it catches on as the Pinsulin campaign continues. ┬áCheck out the video from the campaign below and let us know whether you think this will go big.