Obama Announces Summer Jobs, Facebook Apps

By Julie D. Andrews 

President Barack Obama is no stranger to social media, so it came as no surprise that when he called on private and public sectors to help address record unemployment with job creation in January, he followed that by setting forth a month-long challenge to application developers.

The call-to-action for techies was to create apps for youth-friendly platforms, such as Facebook, to help make job listings more accessible to young people.

When Obama announced the creation of nearly 300,000 summer jobs for low-income youth yesterday — including 90,000 paid jobs and thousands of mentorships, internships, and training opportunities — a list of new job-seeking apps was also unveiled.

One such app is called Trabaja Friends for Facebook , and it helps users recommend summer jobs for their friends from the Summer Jobs+ bank, the online tool connecting youth with job opportunities that resulted from the call to action for businesses, nonprofits, and government to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth in summer 2012.

With the Facebook app, users can send invitations directly to their friends or post them on their Facebook timelines. It was created by San Francisco-based Monica Wilkinson and Magizharasu Thirunavukkarasu.

The complete list of new apps created in just one month is available here.

Readers: Have you ever used Facebook or apps for Facebook when searching for a job?

Image of President Barack Obama courtesy of Shutterstock.