MSNBC Correspondent to Host Google+ Hangout With Secretary of State John Kerry

By Tim Sohn 

The U.S. in the World: What’s In It for UsAndrea Mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent for left-leaning MSNBC, will host a Google+ Hangout with Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday at 1 p.m. EDT. A group of Americans will join them to discuss foreign policy.

The Hangout, titled “The U.S. in the World: What’s In It for Us,” the first in a series of Google+ Hangouts by the U.S. Department of State called “Hangouts at State,” will focus on “the impact of U.S. foreign policy on people at home,” according to a post on Google’s official blog.

The blog post goes on to say: “Each month, these conversations will bring people together across global boundaries to discuss the most pressing U.S. foreign policy issues, like democracy promotion, human rights, counterterrorism efforts, economic development, climate change and drug interdiction.”

The Obama administration oftentimes uses social media to connect with Americans, and bypass the mainstream media. Most recently, the president hosted a Google+ Hangout after the State of the Union address. In addition, last month first lady Michelle Obama joined Kelly Ripa for a Hangout focusing on healthy living as part of the “Let’s Move” initiative.

For more information about the Google+ Hangout, and to let the U.S. Department of State know if you’ll be attending, visit