Media Beat Rewind: Before Marissa Mayer Became CEO of Yahoo

By admin 

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is having a good week.  Her company’s stock reached a 52-week high just as she was sealing the deal on mobile reading app Summly, her sixth acquisition since she left Google for Yahoo.

How did she get here? We raided the archives to find this three-part Media Beat interview with Mayer from 2011, back when she was still Google’s VP of consumer products.

Part I: After incessant buzz that Google was looking to buy Groupon, word finally came that the fast-growing “deal of the day” company had turned the tech giant down. In this video we asked Mayer if Google would launch its own coupon-type service instead. Watch the video to see her response and what she has to say about Google watering down a start-up company’s cache.

Part II: In this video, Mayer admitted that Google was lagging a bit behind in the social media space: “One of the things that we’ve learned is that Google hasn’t gotten social right yet,” she said.

Part III: For Mayer, the decision to become Google’s 20th employee was so difficult that she ended up in tears. In this video she reveals the reason why she accepted Google’s offer: “I would learn more there failing than I would other places succeeding, and that’s what really drew me to the role.”