LinkedIn Promises Heightened Security; Posts Q&A for Concerned Users

By Neil Vidyarthi 

LinkedInLast week’s security breach was a bad time for LinkedIn and its users. Irresponsible hackers took over 6 million passwords and posted them on a Russian website, and as the word spread there wasn’t a corner of the web where people weren’t saying “Change your LinkedIn password or else!” ┬áThe problem was compounded the next day when malicious phishers attempted to elicit scared users’ passwords by sending out fake emails from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has responded on their blog, and hope that you can keep calm and carry on.

Vicente Silveira from LinkedIn posted a message on the blog indicating how LinkedIn is working with the FBI to find the perpetrators, and also working with some of the other websites that were hacked, like eHarmony. The blog clears up one misconception – no user-names were accessed, just the passwords. There doesn’t seem to be any link between the passwords and the actual LinkedIn user names, which makes me wonder what the goal of this exercise was.

In any case, Vicente and the team go ahead and answer some important questions about our own risk levels and what we should do next. Check it out here.

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