Lady Gaga Cooks Up Little Monsters Social Network With a Dash of Pinterest, a Fleck of Facebook

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Lady Gaga’s diehard fans, who she affectionately names her “little monsters”, have much reason to celebrate – their pop idol has launched a social network named in their honor. The Little Monsters network has officially launched and welcomes users to come aboard and share their images and videos on its Pinterest type layout. The launch comes after months of private beta and seems to be picking up steam, with lots of posted content likes and discussion on the site. It looks like a successful first step in Lady Gaga’s plan for Backplane, her personal web startup for celebrities.

The site is powered by “Backplane”, Lady Gaga’s own startup that aims to create personal social networks like Little Monsters for a variety of artists. Most celebrity backed tech ventures take a bit of time before they hit their stride but the layout and functionality of Little Monsters shows that Gaga is on the pulse. The site is an amalgam of Pinterest’s image sharing abilities and Facebook’s simple chat and event mechanisms. A powerful combination that wouldn’t be able to cause a sensation if it was a bootstrapped startup – but having it launch on the back of Gaga’s popularity may give it the running start it needs to take flight.

The site allows you to log in using Facebook or Twitter, and the process takes a few seconds. Definitely a plus for a world of ADD riddled youngsters who are used to getting what they want immediately. Gaga knows her social websites like she knows her pop – quick and to the point, with a dash of familiarity.

The site welcomes the user into a new tutorial which clearly explains the process. Menu bar, user content, discussion board and live chat. It’s easy to post content, but even easier to just browse a whole raft of Lady Gaga content, some of it a bullseye, others so far off target that they hit a burly pool shark and get severely rebuked (in the form of comments, of course).

Check out the site yourself, and let us know – are you the next Gaga fanboy or fangirl? Will you use Little Monsters?