Hamburg Prepares For Facebook Metro Drunkfest

By Ruth Manuel-Logan Comment

Paaaarty! In Hamburg, that is! Folks in Germany’s second largest city are bracing themselves for a major drunkfest orchestrated via Facebook, that will take place this September on the metro system, a day before the official alcohol ban on the trains go into effect.

So far, over 19,000 revellers have agreed to attend the beer guzzling, alcohol swigging festivites via the social networking site, but the Facebook link was no longer working as of Thursday.

Earlier this month another Hamburg soiree was mistakenly announced publicly on Facebook; before the 16-year-old hostess realized her mistake and changed the invite to private, some 1,500 RSVPed to attend. She canceled the event and crashers still showed up and all hell broke loose, including arrests, property damge and injuries.

In Wuppertal, a western city in Germany, 800 people descended upon a party that was announced via Facebook by an anonymous user. The gathering erupted into a melee of flinging beer bottles and police were immediately summoned to try and bring back order. The event resulted in 41 arrests, 16 injuries, and mass cleanup to the tune of $170,000 tax payer dollars.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the northern city’s transport operator, Hamburger Hochbahn, told the AFP that the transit entity “in talks” with the relevant authorities and was following the situation closely.

Do you think the events feature on Facebook could use better instructions on how to limit visibility of the invites?