Google Releases Tool to Fuse Multiple Google+ Accounts

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Not unlike Agent Smith from the Matrix, there are some users of social networks who pride themselves on developing multiple accounts – multiple versions of their own persona each with their own social connections and friend lists. In some cases, as time passes, the burden of the multi-faced Brahma becomes too much, and one wants to unite the accounts into one.

Well, they have an app for that. In a recent Google+ post by Ronald Ho, Google has announced that you can now transfer your Google+ connections from one account to another using Google Takeout.

The tool works by funneling your other accounts into your main account: all your friends, information and blocking settings are sucked from a ‘source’ profile into a ‘destination’ profile of your choice. All the friends from your ‘source’ account will be unencumbered by the change, and they will simply see your new ‘destination’ account in place of the original source.

It’s a pretty useful service for anybody on Google Apps or who has started a second Google account using another email address.

Read about how to get it done here.