Foursquare Check-Ins Appear On Facebook Timeline Maps

By Julie D. Andrews 

Check-ins made via Foursquare will now pop up on Facebook timeline profiles, the free location-based mobile social networking application announced on its Facebook page.

The post — which, at the time of this post, totaled more than 2,600 likes and nearly 150 comments — read:

Good news, Facebookers! The Foursquare check-ins that you share to Facebook will now be sitting pretty on your timeline map.

Now, users who sync their Facebook profiles with their Foursquare profiles will have their newsfeed updates appear as pins on their Facebook timeline maps, which also display which of their friends are checked in to the same place.

The Foursquare timeline module introduced at South By Southwest in March already displays users’ most-visited locations of the month, total check-ins, and most recent check-ins. Now, users can view places their friends have visited without having to search for location-based updates.

This marks quite an update from the map being populated by only location-tagged photos and Facebook check-ins, making the two companies collaborators, rather than competitors.

When Facebook allegedly tried to buy Foursquare in the spring of 2010, the latter decided that it was too soon to sell. Facebook did, however, snatch up one of Foursquare’s software engineers, Nathan Folkman, who was initially working on its Places feature, and who may have had a hand in making the recent integration happen.

Readers: Does this integration between Facebook and Foursquare make you want to join Foursquare if you haven’t yet already, or enhance your experience if you’ve already been checking in with the app?