Meet The Judge Who Will Try Yahoo Versus Facebook

By Jennifer Moire Comment

Judge Jeffrey S. White of the U.S. District Court of Northern California, San Francisco, was appointed to Yahoo’s patent infringement case against Facebook.

Initially Judge William Alsup had been assigned to the case, and he’s already trying the patent clash between Oracle and Google, which had some overlap in terms of the issues that would have been decided.

Having the same judge decide both of these cases would have been a tall order, according to the Foss Patents blog.

However, the Yahoo v. Facebook case now falls to White, who was nominated to the bench by George W. Bush and has some notable cases under his belt, or black robes as the case may be.

Last year, White struck down provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act, according to Politico.

In 2005, White allowed environmental groups to sue the federal government over claims it contributed to global warming.

And in the closest case we could find to a ruling over technology policy, White shut down an Internet service provider holding up the American mirror web site of Wikileaks, which was seen as a blow to Internet freedoms.

Readers, what sort of outcome do you expect to see from Yahoo’s suit against Facebook?