'This Facebook Message Will Self Destruct In 5 Seconds'

By Jennifer Moire Comment

Like Ethan Hunt in “Mission Impossible,” you, too, can have your Facebook wall messages self-destruct in mere moments thanks to a new social privacy application from BigString Corp.

PrivateString is a private wall application that allows users to connect with friends and share photos, private messages, comments, likes and dislikes, all within a social wall format.

Users of PrivateString can have their messages self-destruct or set their messages to self-destruct at a given time. And, the messages posted to PrivateString are permanently deleted from the servers once they are destroyed.

Told your friend off on their wall? Maybe used some inappropriate language or criticized your boss? PrivateString could keep those mistakes away from the eyes of peers, potential employers or school administrators.

The PrivateString app also includes these features:

  • Connects users across different media platforms, including Facebook, iPhone or Android phones or the PrivateString website;
  • Private direct messages that self destruct, or respond to a thread with self-destructing photos and a dislike button;
  • Future enhancements to the app currently in development are private message and user photo galleries;
  • Allows for multiple group conversation to occur simultaneously, but only those in the initial group can respond with comments or likes.

In a press release, Darin Myman, president and chief executive officer of BigString, says the new app addresses the emerging issue of social privacy.

Our status updates and comments on Facebook, pictures we post, political and social comments we make or the jokes we think are funny are all becoming part of our permanent social record. BigString, like many other companies, performs social networking searches of potential employees. We believe PrivateString gives our users a private place to be uncensored in the world of Big Brother.

The app is currently in beta form and available to Facebook users for free.

Would you use a social privacy app that destroys your Facebook messages?