Facebook 'Lawyers Up' Its Security War Against Scams

By Jennifer Moire Comment

The Washington attorney general’s office is joining Facebook’s legal department in combating a problem that up until now has been fought only with security technology.

Facebook and top Washington state government attorneys are joining together to form a “joint legal strategy against a scheme that takes advantage of those using the social media platform.”

GeekWire‘s coverage of the announcement includes a reference to recently squashed scam posts on Facebook promising bogus Amazon.com gift cards.

If this is in fact the motivation for Washington’s attorney general to team up with Facebook, this would mark the first time that Facebook’s legal department has gotten involved in a war that has until now been fought with security technology, otherwise known as the social network’s immune system.

The details will be shared at a press conference from the company’s Seattle headquarters this morning, featuring:

  • Facebook General Counsel Ted Ullyot;
  • Washington State Attorney General Robert McKenna;
  • Assistant Attorney General Paula Selis; and
  • Facebook Lead Litigation Counsel Craig Clark.

Seattle’s local business newspaper, the Puget Sound Business Journal, added that Attorney General McKenna is running for governor this year.

We will monitor the news and the comments section of the blog and share information as it becomes available.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.