Protect Facebook Group Posts With Chrome Extension

By Jennifer Moire Comment

Psst! Facebook group users can now shield their conversations against prying eyes with a new Google Chrome extension that encrypts posts.

When most people think of Facebook interactions, they immediately think of Facebook pages.

But Facebook groups — public, closed and secret — are still in use. They are popular among family and friends, as well as small businesses, consultants and coaches.

Because Facebook groups are easy to establish, they are ideal for hosting, small, intimate online discussions. You might think that the very nature of a Facebook group would offer the privacy that some users are seeking.

But now the conversations within Facebook groups have an added layer of security. The Facebook extension is easy to install, it’s free, and it’s only on Google Chrome for now.

Besides having Google Chrome and Facebook group privileges, all that’s needed is a key, which can be any random text that’s shared and only among select group members.

After the Facebook extension is downloaded, just follow these steps.

  1. Enter the Facebook group URL and key by clicking on the Facebook extension icon next to address bar;
  2. Visit the developer’s Facebook group before and after installing the Facebook extension; and
  3. Type a message, select the text, and click “post.”

Selecting the text converts the post into an encrypted format that gets stored on the Facebook database. The stored text gets converted back to normal copy whenever the Facebook group’s URL is typed in Chrome, without Facebook ever having access to the conversation.Comments on posts can be encrypted in the same manner.

The extension uses 256-bit symmetric key encryption to protect posts.

Check out the live demo here, for step-by-step instructions for downloading and using the Facebook extension.

Thanks to Shanmuga Subramanian for sharing this tip!