INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Game Campaign Story Calls Election For Obama

By Jennifer Moire 

The developers behind election-themed Facebook game Campaign Story say they know how the presidential campaign will end Nov. 6. Based on user data, Campaign Story is declaring President Barack Obama the winner.

We announced the launch of Campaign Story back in August, and our sister site, Inside SocialGames, posted a detailed review of the game. In the intervening weeks, A representative from FiveOneNine Games tells AllFacebook that the gaming company listened to  feedback from the Campaign Story community in order to retool the Facebook game just as the presidential campaign got really heated.

Now, players can choose their political leaning — liberal, conservative, or moderate. As before, users play the game as a political candidate campaigning for election. They win elections and spend real money like real politicians do on in-game canvassers, press secretaries, and image consultants, like before.

According to Campaign Story’s in-game stats, reflected in the infographic above:

  • Moderate players are winning the most in-game elections by state, followed distantly by liberals.
  • Liberal players vastly outnumber conservative players in Campaign Story. Liberals’ sheer numbers are giving them an edge in some state races in Campaign Story, giving Obama a huge edge in the presidential election if he can play to win like his liberal brethren in Facebook game land.
  • But as in the real-world election, those pesky undecided voters make it hard to make a firm call until the very last minute, and the moderates are making a solid showing in Campaign Story’s elections.
  • Conservatives are the big spenders in the game, and they are outspending the liberals by a huge margin of nearly three-to-one. When conservatives play, they win, as seen by their national stats. It seems that in games, as in real life, if Mitt Romney’s conservatives can get the turnout right, their big spending ways can clinch the election. But without critical mass at the polls, they can’t make it happen with all the money in the world.

Readers: Should we just call the election for Obama now?