Booya, OUYA! The First Kickstarter Game Console Raises $8.6M

By Neil Vidyarthi 

OUYA is a game console that’s looking to compete with the big boys – Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft – by leveraging the Android to build an inexpensive set-top box. The company recently started soliciting crowd-funding on Kickstarter and after a surprising early run, they’ve wrapped up with a grand total of $8.6 million in funding from 64,000 individual contributions. I’m sure the big 3 are looking at this closely and wondering if this is going to be a real threat or not.

We recently covered OUYA and noted how they were only aiming for $1m, but within 40 hours they’d already hit $2.6m. Looks like that record breaking early momentum slowed a bit, but the technical specifications and service offerings promised by the company certainly have not. Since the OUYA was first announced, the team has announced a whole host of new features.

Final Fantasy III was announced to be a launch title on OUYA, with a free demo available at launch. The game is a new remaster, and includes 3D graphics. Bagging a AAA publisher like Square Enix is surprising at this early stage, and being a die-hard Chocobo racer myself, I am excited to see what else we’ll see.

The OUYA will also include VEVO’s music videos, XBMC to stream video content from any computer in your house and TuneIn and iHeartRadio to allow for simple music streaming. This makes the box a real rival to Boxee or the current incarnation of Apple TV, and seems to go above and beyond as the system offers these features as extras besides its main function as a game console – controller included.

Check out the Kickstarter and let us know whether you’ll be picking one up or not!