An IPO-Worthy Executive Hoodie For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

By Julie D. Andrews 

Now that what started as an exclusive network for college students of the Ivies has grown up, could it be time for the wardrobe of its mastermind to graduate, too?

Apparently, yes. Ah, but without laughter. We’re tipping our hats to our punchy comrades over at The Wall Street Journal’s Heard on the Runway blog and TechCrunch for getting down to the real business of the Facebook initial public offering: the trademark hoodie 27-year-old Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg is wont to wear.

Oh, how we chuckled at their note-to-Zuck posts urging him to, what else, give the ole hoodie a style makeover of the executive-class variety.

They even went so far as to suggest one for the man-boy social media maverick (understanding, surely, that he doesn’t have much time for shopping these days).

Is it a suit? Is it a hooded sweatshirt? Well, let’s call the online-only Betabrand executive pinstripe hoodie a hybrib.

Some corporate-minded critics have said of late that Zuckerberg should step up his style, and that throwing on a pajama-like hoodie to go to an IPO meeting signals “immaturity.” (Or, say we, is he merely baring his flying stripes, because the hoodie is the techies’ uniform…or perhaps, it’s a show of an inability to conform….or perhaps lack of time to shop.) The point is: Does his clothing matter?

Regardless of what the critics say, the man who raised $2.34 billion in funding likely couldn’t care less. He doesn’t have to. And investors, if they are smart, would do well to focus on what they’re contemplating buying instead of playing stylecaster.

Indeed, the Betabrand executive pinstripe hoodie is super fine. But will Zuckerberg go for it?

Readers: Do you think Zuckerberg’s clothing is fair game to critique?