INFOGRAPHIC: Is China Ripe For Facebook’s Taking?

By Julie D. Andrews 

China is worth keeping an eye on as Facebook turns its focus to mobile. It is being called the most active social country on the globe, with 95 percent of residents in China’s major cities using social networks, according to a new survey of 5,700 Internet users in China. While the country continues to block Facebook, as well as other outsider social networks including Twitter, it is gathering millions of users on its home-grown social networks and adapting to the new mobile platform at a brisk pace.

Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009. By some estimates, entering China could add more than 500 million users to the already 900 million-plus-strong largest social network.

One out of two Chinese Internet users is registered on more than one social network, as illustrated by the Best Free Online infographic below.

Among interesting findings, 91 percent of those surveyed reported having visited a social network in the past six months, compared with 70 percent in South Korea, 67 percent in the U.S., and 30 percent in Japan.

Renren, although it does not boast the highest number of registered users among social networks in China, is said to be the nation’s closest sibling to Facebook and, as reported by PandoDaily, it is rumored to be exploring a mobile operating system, experimenting with an image-rich Pinterest-type redesign, and possibly breaking off its video game appendage in a separate initial public offering.

Of social networks visited by Internet users in China, these were found to be the top ranked by users:

  • QZone, 560 million
  •, 200 million
  • Renren, 147 million

Readers: Should Facebook pay attention to China’s growth in social networking, or, seeing as it is closed off, focus its energy on other areas?