A Funny Imposter Explains How to Use Reddit [Video]

By Neil Vidyarthi 

A comedian who’s tagline is “I can’t really tell if he’s being serious or not,” has posted a video about his experience with Reddit, and explains how he infiltrated the network and discovered the easy way to win the adulation of Redditors. Through reading, commenting and posting on various sections of the site, Robbie Sherrard figured out the Redditor code, and opens Pandora’s box in his tell-all video. Alright, it’s not actually that much of a reveal, but we definitely laughed at the office when we read it.

He discusses his plan to make him seem like he’s an active user by posting comments to popular stories, pictures and videos of cats, GIFs as replies to anything. He knows most of the mini-comment memes and makes some pretty hilarious observations about Reddit and the way that they interact with one another. It’s pretty hilarious and a brutal send-up of the way that Redditors live in a bubble of their own making, with their own rules for what’s cool and what isn’t.

Take a look below, and if you’re not much of a Redditor, know that a lot of these observations are painfully accurate. I suspect Robbie didn’t just sign on for a few days – he may in fact be a Fight Club-lovin’ Atheist Redditor himself.