5 Places to Use your Smartphone for Personal Use

By Debra Eckerling 

Let’s get personal about our smartphones. We love them for business, and they’re a wonderful tool that makes every part of our lives easier.

“Whether [you use your smartphone] as a second screen while viewing advertisements, settling a debate at a bar, looking for a specific address, whatever the place or time, your smartphone is the ultimate link to take immediate action in the digital space,” says Mike DiMarco, Director of Media, FiddleFly Inc.

Here are 5 places you should always use your smartphone.

1. Shopping. “It’s important to comparison shop even when you’re in a hurry, which is why sites like PriceGrabber.com are helpful,” says LeAura Luciano, Social Media Expert and Founder of EverSoPopular.com. “These sites and apps allow shoppers to easily compare prices across the web and at local stores. Simply enter the product name and the site locates a store near you with the lowest price. Better yet, get notified via FreePriceAlerts, a free browser download that updates you via email or mobile app when your desired item drops in price.”

Luciano also suggests taking advantage of SMS coupons and finding offers on social media.

“Simply clicking ‘Like’ on the fan page of one of your favorite brands on Facebook can get you a coupon on the spot,” she adds.

2. Eateries. “A lot of restaurants offer deals for checking in to their business on Foursquare and/or Facebook,” shares David Neuman, Manager, Social Media & Mobile, at Prime Visibility. “It’s worth checking to see if the restaurant you’re dining at is currently offering some sort of incenti