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Prime-Time Metered Market Tuesday Ratings:

CBS Wins; Fox Poised for Victory among Adults 18-49

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Week of March 7, 2011

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That’s Not Janet Wood

Prime-Time Metered Market Tuesday Ratings:

CBS Wins; Fox Poised for Victory among Adults 18-49


Tuesday 3/15/11
Note: The overnight data now includes DVR playback until 3 a.m. local time. One year earlier it was based on Live data only. All times are ET/PT.



CBS   7.4/12
Fox     5.8/ 9
NBC   4.2/ 7
ABC   3.5/ 6
CW    0.7/ 1

-Percent Change from the Year-Ago Evening (Tuesday, 3/16/10):

CBS: +16, NBC: - 2, Fox: -19, ABC: -37, CW: -53

-Yesterday’s Winners:

NCIS R (CBS), Glee (Fox), NCIS: Los Angeles R (CBS)


-Yesterday’s Losers (excluding repeats):

V (ABC), Traffic Light (Fox), Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC)


-Ratings Breakdown:

Despite airing an evening of all repeats, CBS still dominated in the Tuesday overnights, besting second-place Fox by 1.6 rating points. But the home of Glee is a shoo-in for victory among adults 18-49 (and the other key young adult demos). Third overall was NBC, which did not succeed generating any interest in a Tuesday second-run telecast of reality/competition America’s Next Great Restaurant, followed by ABC and encore telecasts of One Tree Hill and Hellcats on The CW.


The NCIS encore won the 8 p.m. hour in the overnights, with an 8.5 rating/14 share, which only solidifies its value in off-network. While that did inch past Fox’s competing Glee (#2: 8.3/13) by two percent, Glee, no doubt, will have a significant advantage demographically.


Next on CBS was a repeat of spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles, which led the 9 p.m. hour with an 8.2/13, followed by a repeat of The Good Wife at an also dominant 5.6/ 9 at 10 p.m. But retention for The Good Wife out of the 9:30 p.m. portion of the NCIS: Los Angeles encore (8.1/13) was only 69 percent.


At 9 p.m. on Fox, worthy sitcom Raising Hope, a Mr. TV favorite, continued to squander the lead-in support, unfortunately, with a third-place 4.3/ 7 at 9 p.m. Comparably, retention out of the 8:30 p.m. portion of Glee (8.4/13) was only 51 percent. Significantly worse, however, was recent 9:30 p.m. entry Traffic Light (#4: 2.7/ 4), which is no better than former failed time period occupant Running Wilde.


Over at NBC, another two-hour edition of The Biggest Loser averaged a respectable 5.0/ 8 in the overnights from 8-10 p.m., building by half-hour as follows:


The Biggest Loser (NBC)

8:00 p.m.: 4.5/ 7 (#3)

8:30 p.m.: 4.7/ 7 (#3)

9:00 p.m.: 5.2/ 8 (#2)

9:30 p.m.: 5.7/ 9 (#2)


But NBC’s last-minute decision to slot a repeat of episode two of America’s Next Great Restaurant at 10 p.m. (in place of a Parenthood encore) fell flat with a last-place 2.6/ 4. Considering how poorly the cooking competition is performing on Sunday, this would have been new to many. 


Elsewhere, ABC opened the evening with a repeat of on-the-fence No Ordinary Family (#4: 2.5/ 4 at 8 p.m.), followed by original installments of low-rated dramas V (#3: 3.9/ 6) and Detroit 1-8-7 (#2: 4.0/ 7) from 9-11 p.m. And The CW aired encore telecasts of aforementioned dramas One Tree Hill (#5: 0.7/ 1) and Hellcats (#5: 0.6/ 1). ABC will, of course, get a huge boost on Tuesday when Dancing with the Stars returns to the 9 p.m. hour on March 29. 


Source: Nielsen Media Research data (R = repeat)

Week of March 7, 2011

Excluding a victory for CBS in households, it was a clean sweep for Fox for the week of March 7, with a first-place finish in total viewers and the three key demos -- adults 18-49, adults 25-54 and adults 18-34. Comparably, the home of American Idol was on par from one year earlier. Next was CBS, which was on the double-digit downside, with erosion of as much as 28 percent among adults 18-34. ABC, NBC and The CW, in fact, all suffered noticeable losses from one year earlier. 


In season (or series) finale news, CBS’ freshman The Defenders signed-off with 8.38 million viewers (#25) and a 1.3 rating/4 share (tied for #59) in the Friday 8 p.m. hour. While that is not a bad performance for a low HUT-level Friday evening, the lack of holes on CBS’ current line-up means The Defenders is unlikely to return in 2011-12. 


In return series news, NBC’s The Event came back after a three month hiatus with a very disappointing 5.23 million viewers (#47) and a 1.4/ 4 among adults 18-49 (tied for #50) in the Monday 8-10 p.m. block. Rule of thumb to the networks: absence does not necessarily make the ratings’ heart grow fonder. 


In specials news, ABC had little faith, no doubt, in Rascal Flatts: Nothing Like This, which was barely visible at just 2.52 million viewers (#82) and a 0.6/ 2 among adults 18-49 (#88) in the Saturday 9 p.m. hour. 


What follows are the live plus same day ratings for the week of March 7, 2011 (with percent change versus the comparable year-ago week in parentheses), followed by the freshman midseason series report card, the top 30 rated programs for the week, and the top rated networks on basic cable.  


CBS: 6.0 rating/10 share (-13), Fox: 5.6/ 9 (+ 2), ABC: 3.4/ 6 (-19), NBC: 3.3/ 6 (-17), CW: 0.7/ 1 (-42)

-Total Viewers:

 Fox: 9.79 million (+ 4), CBS: 9.76 (-14), ABC: 5.38 (-17), NBC: 5.22 (-17), CW: 1.09 (-40)


 -Adults 18-49:

Fox: 3.4 rating/10 share (no change), CBS: 2.1/ 6 (-25), ABC: 1.5/ 5 (-29), NBC: 1.5/ 5 (-29), CW: 0.4/ 1 (-50)

-Adults 25-54:

Fox: 3.9/10 (no change), CBS: 3.0/ 8 (-19), ABC: 2.0/ 5 (-20), NBC: 1.9/ 5 (-24), CW: 0.5/ 1 (-29)

-Adults 18-34:

Fox: 2.8/10 (- 3), CBS: 1.3/ 5 (-28), NBC: 1.1/ 4 (-31), ABC: 1.1/ 4 (-35), CW: 0.5/ 2 (-44)

Freshman Midseason Report Card
(In the order of total viewers)

Secret Millionaire (ABC) – Sunday 8 p.m. Viewers: 11.43 million (#12), A18-49: 2.8/ 8 (#14t)

Grade: A-
Harry’s Law (NBC) – Monday 10 p.m.

Viewers: 9.59 million (#20), A18-49: 1.8/ 5 (#34t)

Grade: B

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS) – Tuesday 10 p.m.

Viewers: 9.12 million (#24), A18-49: 2.2/ 7 (#28)

Grade: B
Chicago Code (Fox) – Monday 9 p.m.

Viewers: 7.46 million (#31), A18-49: 2.0/ 6 (#29t)

Grade: C+
Mr. Sunshine (ABC) – Wednesday 9:30 p.m.

Viewers: 4.76 million (#57), A18-49: 1.8/ 5 (#34t)

Grade: D
Off the Map (ABC) – Wednesday 10 p.m.

Viewers: 4.31 million (#60), A18-49: 1.4/ 4 (#50t)

Grade: F
Bob’s Burgers (Fox) – Sunday 8:30 p.m.

Viewers: 4.10 million (#63), A18-49: 2.0/ 6 (#29t)

Grade: C

America’s Next Great Restaurant (NBC) – Sunday 8 p.m.

Viewers: 4.06 million (#65), A18-49: 1.4/ 4 (#50t)

Grade: F
Traffic Light (Fox) – Tuesday 9:30 p.m.

Viewers: 3.82 million (#67), A18-49: 1.5/ 4 (#47t)

Grade: F

Shedding for the Wedding (CW) – Wednesday 9 p.m.

Viewers: 930,000 (#95), A18-49: 0.4/ 1 (#92t)
Grade: F
Top 30 Rankings
-Total Viewers:

American Idol – Wednesday (Fox): 24.40 million, American Idol – Tuesday (Fox): 22.05, The Mentalist (CBS): 14.28, NCIS: Los Angeles R (CBS): 13.45, CSI (CBS): 13.39, NCIS R (CBS): 13.35, The Big Bang Theory (CBS): 12.06, Glee (Fox): 11.91, CSI: Miami (CBS): 11.85, Undercover Boss (CBS): 11.78, Blue Bloods (CBS): 11.60, Secret Millionaire (ABC): 11.43, House (Fox): 11.08, Survivor: Redemption Island (CBS): 10.96, CSI: NY (CBS): 10.60, Bones (Fox): 10.49, 60 Minutes (CBS): 10.46, Two and a Half Men R (CBS): 10.18, The Bachelor (ABC): 10.02, Harry’s Law (NBC): 9.59, The Amazing Race (CBS): 9.44, Rules of Engagement (CBS): 9.40, Mike & Molly R (CBS): 9.23, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS): 9.12, The Defenders (CBS, season or series finale): 8.38, The Good Wife R (CBS): 8.31, Criminal Minds R (CBS): 8.23, The Biggest Loser (NBC): 8.15, Celebrity Apprentice (NBC): 8.13, Hawaii Five-O R (CBS): 7.69

-Adults 18-49:

American Idol – Wednesday (Fox): 8.1 rating/23 share, American Idol – Tuesday (Fox): 6.7/19, Glee (Fox): 4.6/14, The Big Bang Theory (CBS) and House (Fox): 3.8/11 each, Survivor: Redemption Iland (CBS) and Bones (Fox): 3.2/ 9 each, The Bachelor (ABC): 3.1/ 9, CSI (CBS): 3.0/ 9, Undercover Boss (CBS): 3.0/ 8, The Mentalist (CBS) and The Biggest Loser (NBC): 2.9/ 9 each, Two and a Half Men R (CBS): 2.9/ 8, Rules of Engagement (CBS), Secret Millionaire (ABC) and Celebrity Apprentice (NBC): 2.8/ 8 each, The Amazing Race (CBS) and Raising Hope (Fox): 2.7/ 8 each, Mike & Molly R (CBS) and NCIS: Los Angeles R (CBS): 2.6/ 7 each, The Simpsons (Fox) and Family Guy R (Fox): 2.5/ 7 each, Mad Love (CBS): 2.4/ 7, The Cleveland Show (Fox): 2.4/ 6, NCIS R (CBS): 2.3/ 7, Modern Family R (ABC): 2.3/ 6, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS): 2.2/ 7, Chicago Code (Fox), How I Met Your Mother R (CBS) and Hawaii Five-O R (CBS): 2.0/ 6 each


What follows are the top 10 rated networks on cable in prime-time for the week of March 7 based on total viewers and the three key demos.  

-Total Viewers:

USA: 2.82 million, Disney Channel: 2.52, Fox News: 2.17, History: 2.00, TNT: 1.91, ESPN: 1.79, Nick at Nite: 1.67, FX: 1.63, ABC Family: 1.57, TBS: 1.46

-Adults 18-49:

USA: 1.07 million, TNT: 914,000, ESPN: 884,000, TBS: 870,000, History: 857,000, FX: 834,000, MTV: 800,000, A&E: 699,000, ABC Family: 674,000, Food Network: 591,000

-Adults 25-54:

USA: 1.15 million, History: 936,000, TNT: 900,000, ESPN: 831,000, FX: 827,000, TBS: 762,000, A&E: 737,000, Syfy: 673,000, Food Network: 604,000, Lifetime: 578,000

-Adults 18-34:

MTV: 648,000, TBS: 513,000, ESPN: 495,000, TNT: 465,000, USA: 437,000, Comedy Central: 397,000, ABC Family: 389,000, History: 372,000, FX: 360,000, Adult Swim: 337,000


Source: Nielsen Media Research data (R = repeat; t = tie)

Ratings Box:

What’s Hot/What’s Not


-Battle of Los Angeles Scores on Syfy:

Original Syfy movie Battle of Los Angeles averaged 2.18 million viewers on Saturday, March 12, marking the third Syfy movie to break the 2-million mark in 2011 to-date. Results among adults 25-54 (931,000) was the highest in the demo for a Saturday movie on the cable net since Red: Werewolf Hunter in October.


-Bachelor Ignited ABC Wins Monday:

It was an easy victory for ABC on Monday, March 14 courtesy of the season-finale of The Bachelor (Viewers: 13.88 million; A18-49: 4.5 rating/13 share from 8-10 p.m.) and special The Bachelor: After the Final Rose (Viewers: 13.96 million; A18-49: 4.7/13 at 10 p.m.), based on the live plus same day results. What follows are the tallies by network in total viewers and adults 18-49. Keep in mind that only sitcom Mad Love was an original on CBS, and The CW’s 90210 and Gossip Girl were in repeats.


Total Viewers:

ABC: 13.90 million, Fox: 8.86, CBS: 7.62, NBC: 6.45, CW: 560,000


Adults 18-49:

ABC: 4.6 rating/13 share, Fox: 2.7/ 7, CBS: 2.1/ 6, NBC: 1.5/ 4, CW: 0.3/ 7

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

On the Air Tonight:
Prime-Time Programming Options


Wednesday 3/16/11

 8:30 p.m. The Middle (R)
 9:00 p.m. Modern Family (R)
 9:30 p.m. Mr. Sunshine

10:00 p.m. Off the Map


 8:00 p.m. Survivor: Redemption Island

 9:00 p.m. Criminal Minds (R)

10:00 p.m. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

 8:00 p.m. Minute to Win It (R)
 9:00 p.m. Law & Order: SVU (R)

10:00 p.m. Law & Order: SVU (R)

 8:00 p.m. American Idol (two-hours)
 8:00 p.m. America’s Next Top Model

 9:00 p.m. Shedding for the Wedding


TV Tidbits:

Notes of Interest


-More Joan & Melissa:

WE tv has renewed recent docudrama Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? for a second season, with 10 new one-hour episodes scheduled to begin in January 2012. The show features mother-daughter duo Joan and Melissa Rivers, as Joan continues to live in Los Angeles with Melissa, her boyfriend and her son Cooper as she searches for a new home. 


-In Other Renewal News:

NBC has picked-up late night talker Last Call with Carson Daly, which airs weeknights at 1:35 a.m. ET/PT, for the 2011-12 season. Daly will be doing double duty on NBC as host of upcoming music competition The Voice, which launches on Tuesday, April 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.  


-The Facts of Life Honored at The TV Land Awards:

Comedy classic The Facts of Life will receive the Pop Culture Award at the upcoming annual TV Land Awards at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City on Sunday, April 10. Charlotte Rae, Lisa Whelchel, Nancy KcKeon, Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields will reunite for the first time in 20 years to accept the honor. All together now…


You take the good, you take the bad,
you take them both and there you have
The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life.

There's a time you got to go and show
You're growin' now you know about
The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life.

When the world never seems
to be livin' up to your dreams
And suddenly you're finding out
the Facts of Life are all about you, you.

It takes a lot to get 'em right
When you're learning the Facts of Life. (learning the Facts of Life)
Learning the Facts of Life (learning the Facts of Life)
Learning the Facts of Life.

TV Trivia Time:
That’s Not Janet Wood

We all remember Joyce DeWitt as roommate Janet Wood on classic sitcom Three’s Company. But which one of the following actresses also tested for the role?


a)      Kathy Bates

b)      Holly Hunter

c)      Lauren Hutton

d)      Kathleen Turner

e)      Debra Winger


The answer to yesterday’s question…


Which one of the following events did not happen in the series-finale of sitcom Good Times?


a)      Keith returns to his career in football as a free agent.

b)      J.J. gets a job as a graphic artist with a comic book company

c)      Michael decides to move to a dorm at college.

d)      Penny is accepted at a prestigious middle school. 

e)      Thelma announces she is pregnant


Is: d) Penny is accepted at a prestigious middle school. Florida also announced she was moving in with Thelma and Keith in their new apartment and Willona just so happened to sign a lease for a place in the same building. All together now…


Good Times.
Any time you meet a payment.
Good Times.
Any time you need a friend.
Good Times.
Any time you're out from under.

Not getting hastled, not getting hustled.
Keepin' your head above water,
Making a wave when you can.

Temporary lay offs.
Good Times.
Easy credit rip offs.
Good Times.
Scratchin' and surviving.
Good Times.
Hangin in a chow line
Good Times.
Ain't we lucky we got 'em
Good Times.

-Current kudos goes to:

Steve Albright, Burt Benoliel, Gerry Bixenspan, Larry Collins, John Ferlazzo, Martha Gonzalez, Michelle Harrington, Deb Kainer, Steven Kurtzer, Tom Lawrenson, Charmaine Leary, Rick Locke, Greg Phelan, Gordon Purcell, Colleen Roth, Mike Stallcup, Mike Walsh