Peacock Equity Backs EveryZing


NEW YORK NBC Universal and parent company General Electric’s joint investment venture The Peacock Equity Fund has pumped $8.25 million into EveryZing, a company that specializes in making multimedia content on the Web more searchable.

Cambridge, Mass.-based EveryZing claims its proprietary search and publishing technology can help drive more consumption of audio and video content on various media companies’ Web sites. As part of the new partnership, NBC Universal has committed to employ EveryZing’s products across its various sites. The company has taken in a total of $8.25 million during its current round of financing.

The Peacock Equity Fund, launched in 2007, is officially a collaboration between GE Capital’s media, communications and entertainment business and NBCU, which manages a $250 million global capital fund.

As part of their new partnership, NBCU has committed to employ EveryZing's products across its various sites.

To date the fund has invested in a range of Web startups, including BlogHer, Adify and Healthline.